Websites and People, I Love and Trust

Websites and People, I Love and Trust

It is often hard to know who to trust on the internet anymore!  So here I will share information on websites and people I trust who post about health issues and concerns about vaccines, alternative health issues, non GMO, and more.  I hope that you enjoy them and learn from them as much as I do.

My Favorites:

Dr. John Gray is the famous author of the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

Click Here to see "Health Advice - Natural Solutions For Common Ailments" This has an A to Z list of common cures with video's from Dr. Gray right on the page. It's LOADED with easy to follow effective natural solutions! 

You can find Dr. Grays book on Amazon, etc.

Dr. Gray has a YouTube channel and Facebook page as well. He is extremely effective and helpful! 

Dr.  Farrah Augustin-Bunch is the daughter of the world renowned Herbalist Sir Antonio Augustin.

Dr. Farrah has had huge success in helping those with cancer. She focuses on the "cause" not the effect!

Dr. Farrah's NEW website is up and running! View video's, products, research, reviews, and much more... 

Dr. Farrah focuses on a very effective type of cancer treatment known as "Integrative Medicine" By mixing convention medicine with alternative intervention, she can  help the affected patient more effectively! 

Dr. Farrah's first book: "Dr. Farrah's Book of Natural Home Remedies"

Visit Dr. Farrah's website for helpful info on: Natural Remedies, Health and Fitness, Juice Recipes, Beauty and Health Awareness 

Visit Dr. Farrah's website for cancer treatment: Cancer, Immunotherapy, Diet, Chemo, Surgery, Radiotherapy, Scientific Fraud, etc.

Visit The latest news on Dr. Farrah: – (Sayer Ji is the founder of this website)

 Sayer Ji is a researcher, author, and speaker who is well known in the health community. He has also been featured in Documentaries. 

Click Here to see

Learn how to maximize the power of nutrition to energize, nourish and heal your body. Look beyond the fads to explore trustworthy evidence behind the most popular superfoods and nutritional trends. If you’re wondering which natural remedies actually work, this site will help you put vitamins, minerals, herbs, and high-quality foods to work.

You can search over 10,000 Natural Health Topics as well as viewing the latest abstracts imported from They have done the research and work for you. Everything is represented in a clear, easy to search and read format. -  (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM is the founder of this website) Explore the field of integrative medicine to see how it can improve the quality of healthcare that you receive. Tenpenny is an integrative medical practice in Strongsville, Ohio, but you don’t have to live in that area to benefit from their insightful content that focuses on holistic care for every member of the family.

Find very helpful information on General Health (detox), Women's Health (Thyroid, allergy, etc.) and Children's Health (allergy, homeopathy, asthma, etc.) There is also helpful information on (Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT), Cranial Osteopathy, Chiropractic and much more. 

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines and Current Events:

You can gets quality information on vaccines on  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's website:  |

(Dr. Toni Bark was murdered when they did chemo on her ulcer instead of her tumor) August 1, 1959 - March 3, 2020

Dr. Toni Barks resume, etc: Dr. Toni Bark's speech at the Doctors For Accountability In Medicine PRESS CONFERENCE in D.C. on March 31, 2017 -  Dr. Toni Bark has been combining elements of the mind, body, spirit, and environment to provide a variety of homeopathic treatments for more than 15 years. Her services range from Ketogenic Nutrition, Autonomic Feedback, European Aesthetics and Classical Homeopathy, to include skin rejuvenation and other procedures to improve aesthetics without surgery. Her website provides valuable information on using nutrition to heal the body while keeping it feeling great.

You can also see Dr. Toni Bark in the media, podcasts and videos, all on this incredible website. Dr. Toni Bark has studied homeopathy extensively with internationally renowned names. Visit her blog site here: – (This is also from Dr. Toni Bark). What can chocolate do to improve your health and make your life more enjoyable? This site explores personal care products that can help you feel and look your best regardless of age, to include vitamin D3, Orthomega,  CoQ-10, and much more. From luxury, eco-friendly cleaning products to the best perfumes and the safest skincare products, you’ll discover it all right here. – Heather Wolfson D.C. is a chiropractic physician and Jack Wolfson DO, FACC, is a board-certified cardiologist.

Explore a comprehensive health library that delivers accurate information regarding a variety of medical concerns. If you have specific health issues, use this site to check off your symptoms and generate a report designed to help you understand those symptoms in more depth. Drs. Wolfson is leading a movement to eliminate dependence on pharmaceuticals while overcoming toxins in our environment. You can find very high quality health supplements on this website as well. 

Click Here to see Drs. Wolfson "Health Food Supplements Store" 

Drs. Wolfson have an E-book called "7 Steps to Extraordinary Health in 7 Days" you can download it for FREE on their website!

Dr. Wolfson has also written a book The Paleo Cardiologist by Jack Wolfson DO, FACC

Robyn Openshaw empowers others on eating and staying healthy!

She will educate and fill you with knowledge on how to stay healthy and avoid disease and toxicity.

Enjoy high quality information through pod casts, recipes, interviews, programs, health supplements, video's  and much more...

Robyn's "super 7" health kit to always have on hand if you feel sickness coming on or are already sick: 

  1. Beta Glucan (strengthens immune system)
  2. Vitamin C
  3.  Zinc - very important for the immune system
  4. Colloidal Silver or Nano Silica Silver (kills viruses and bacteria)
  5. Goldenseal - use liquid
  6. Chiloic Garlic (kills viruses and bacteria)
  7. Oregano Oil (kills the bad stuff)

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. (a.k.a. The Paleo Mom) | The Paleo View podcast | Author of 4 best selling books: (Click here to see) | You can subscribe to view the Paleo Mom on YouTube as well.

If your looking to improve your diet and health in a wide array of area's from autoimmune disease to thyroid, the Paleo mom can help.

The website is LOADED with fantastic info on Recipes, Lifestyle, Autoimmunity, Nutrition, and Wiki. You will not be disappointed!!! – (Erin Elizabeth is the founder of this website) Pick out a few new recipes and get up-to-date health information from a self-professed health nut who is always searching for the truth behind current trends and fads. Learn about all aspects of natural health, fitness, beauty, and even healthy tips to benefit your pets. Content touches on the environment as it relates to our health as well.

Check out Erin's skin care, CBD, and health supplements, Click Here to see! shares the tragic loss of Natural Health/Alternative Health Doctors/Activists who keep mysteriously dying - (think murdered) Erin won the Truth in Journalism Award at the 2017 Doctors who Rock Awards in Orlando. You can see Erin in Documentaries like "The Truth About Cancer" and "Fasting". You can also sign up for her FREE newsletter, loaded with great info. – Discover what the media isn’t willing to tell you by reading the website that Facebook tried to block out for millions of viewers. With a political focus, this site offers comprehensive articles on timely topics as well as educational videos and infographics that help you understand what’s happening in the world with greater clarity and a lot more logic than you’ll find in most newspapers and new programs today. – (Suzanne Humphries, M.D. is the founder) Go deeper into issues surrounding vaccinations with a trustworthy medical doctor who chose to explore non-traditional approaches to healthcare. Learn about everything from the power of vitamin C to microbes through in-depth article and timely blog posts.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries has written two books: "Rising From The Dead", an autobiography and "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the forgotten History" – (The Health Ranger- Mike Adams) This man literally has his own lab to test stuff, etc. Never miss an important headline while going deep into the news stories that matter most to your health. From politics to pharmaceuticals and everything in between, this news site has a clear focus on staying healthy while knowing the truth about the world around you. You can find high quality health supplement products on this website also. 

Click Here to see the Mike Adams "Health Supplement Store" – (The Health Ranger- Mike Adams) created this site! Are you tired of social media sites tracking your every move and selling your personal information? MeWe is the next-gen social media site that treats your information with respect and protects your privacy. Socialize with your friends and make new connections without worrying about your information.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Action Potential Holdings, Lecturer, and Chiropractor, is the founder of this website.

Not afraid to take on Monsanto (who has now changed there name and merged with German Giant Bayer), Dr. Gentempo reveals that half of the country (USA) is suffering from the effects of Monsanto's Glyphosate found in Roundup on our food. Glyphosate is found in honey and endless food sources the FDA is supposed to be protecting us from. 

Dr. Gentempo, through lectors, interviews, and documentaries, is sharing what he has learned concerning the latest developments with GMO's - "genetically modified organisms" 

Click Here to follow Dr. Patrick Gentempo's Blog site

David (avocado) Wolfe is a health guru who uplifts others through being an entrepreneur, author and sharing podcasts and videos, etc. He is the author of a few books on health as well. 

  •  Learn more about "Natural Remedies" from A to Z. Find cures you can apply now in your life. 
  • Learn about "Essential Oils" and how to use them. 
  • Enjoy "Eating Green" with FREE healthy recipes to choose from.  
  • Visit his "Health Section" for hot topics about health related issues and find simple cures for serious health concerns. 
  • Visit the "News Section" for health related current events taking place in society, and the answers behind what is really going on.

Ty Bollinger is the author of this website.

Believe it or not, there are many people who are able to cure cancer and live great healthy lives afterwards. 

Ty's website covers the following:

  • What Causes Cancer
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Nutrition: Food and Drink, Herbs and Spices, and Health Supplements
  • There are some incredible videos on the website as well! 

Listen to real researchers, experts, and real survivors of cancer, as they show how to overcome the words "You have cancer." 

Ty Bollinger also has a 7 part Doc U series on "The Truth About Vaccines" 

Click Here to see the YouTube channel for "The Truth About Vaccines" - Listen to 54 interviews (mostly doctors) who explain what is really going on with vaccines. 

Click Here for more info on "The Truth About Vaccines"

Dr. Suzy Cohen, a pharmacist for over 25 years, and a functional medicine practitioner for the last 15, is the author of this website.

Dr. Cohen specializes in helping people feel better using natural alternatives to big pharma drugs! 

Dr. Cohen is passionate about educating people and sharing her vast knowledge and expertise about the benefits of essential oils, herbs, vitamins and minerals, healthy eating and lifestyles, and more...

Visit Dr. Suzy Cohen's website today and receive a FREE eBook download!

"9 Best Foods For Arthritis"

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC is a personal breast cancer survivor herself! She is the founder of this website. 

Dr V's website comes complete with coaching, podcasts, recipes, blog, health supplements store, success stories, even live events! and much more... 

Dr.V's website features a "7 Essentials System" (TM) this is a 7 part complete "How To" informative program that shows you how to prevent "dis-ease" and take back your health! Begin to enjoy better health and liver a richer fuller life.  

Dr. V is an author who had a #1 best selling book on Amazon: "Heal Breast Cancer Naturally"

Manny Goldman is the founder of this website.

Once Manny discovered the healing miracles of the sacred plant and its vast benefits, which seem endless; he became very passionate about getting the word out through his Docuseries of "The Sacred Plant" 

Manny has sacrificed his time, his experience and money to bring this information to you! His greatest desire is to bring this truth to the public and educate people on the vast benefits the "Sacred Plant" offers. 

John Malanca is the host of this Docuseries.

Dr. Kelly Brogan is the author of this website.

Enjoy FREE downloads. 

Learn about Defeating Depression, The Paleo Brain, Gut Health and Mood, Sane Motherhood, Re-thinking Health, and Drug Side Effects and much more...

You can also take the course: "Vital Mind Reset"

You will love and enjoy the empowerment this incredible Doctor gives you! 

Click here to read Dr. Kelly Brogans #1 New Your Times Best Seller: "A Mind Of Your Own". Learn about women's depression and how to heal it!  

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