Treating PMS:
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Treating PMS

Treating PMS seems like an impossible task sometimes.  In fact, some days it may seem like the only solution to your PMS is to retreat to the safety of your bed with a supply of chocolate and a good book.

Other days you may stare into the medicine cabinet wondering what magical pill can take the pain away at least long enough for you to drive to work.

The bad news is over-the-counter pain medication is not the most effective solution for most women suffering from PMS.

The good news is there are some solutions you can try beyond chocolate and Advil.

Document Your Moods

PMS is more than physical pain, which is why pain medications are not sufficient for most women suffering from premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Many women suffer from mood swings and intense irritability during the week leading up to the period, and some women experience depression during this time.

Some women even suffer from a more serious condition known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD.

When emotional disturbance is attributed to hormone fluctuations and other changes that come along with the menstrual cycle, it leaves soon after menses begins.

Women who suffer from PDD find that their emotional problems evaporate right when they start their cycle.

The difference between PMS and PMDD is the extent of the emotional disturbance and struggle.

To help determine whether your depression, mood swings, anxiety, and other mood disturbances are due to PMS or PMDD, keep track of your moods daily.

Simply writing how you feel on a calendar each day will reveal if your problems are continuous or isolated to a particular period of your cycle each month.

Take Action in Treating PMS

Treating PMS Naturally

Once you determine that you are in fact suffering from PMS or PMDD, the following lifestyle choices can relieve the physical and emotional pain:

1. Take a high quality krill oil supplement daily. Krill oil has been linked to PMS symptom relief, and is more effective than fish oil supplements.

By taking an Antarctic krill oil, you avoid the mercury and other pollutants fish oil may contain.

Because krill oil is bound to phospholipids instead of triglycerides, the body can absorb it mush easier as well. 

2. Create a healthy sleeping environment and aim for at least eight hours every night. This is important at all times, but becomes critical when you are suffering from any form of PMS.

Going to sleep at the same time each night and avoiding caffeine and sugar in the last four hours of your day may help.

3. Move your body as much as possible on a daily basis. Turn of the television and get out for a walk with the dog.

Play catch with the kids or purchase a bicycle and head out for a family ride to the park.

Take a Zumba class or hire a personal trainer. The healthier your body becomes, the more sound your mind is likely to become as well.

4. Learn deep breathing and meditation techniques. Yoga and Pilates can be helpful as well.

Learning to relax while stretching your muscles can help brighten your mood and relieve physical pain during PMS.

Take yourself and your PMS seriously. Start with the easy steps, such as finding a high quality krill oil supplement.

Then add other healthy PMS-blasting habits, such as exercising and learning to stretch your body during cramps, aches and pains.

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