The Best Time to Take Fish Oil 

The Best Time to Take Fish Oil

Speaking in general terms, the best time to take fish oil each day doesn't matter.  

From improved memory and concentration to enhanced energy and an easier time controlling blood pressure, there are many benefits to getting your daily dose of fish oil regardless of when you take it. 

You want the omega-3 fatty acids to accumulate in your body so that your system always has a healthy supply of fat to maintain optimal performance.

Determining The Best Time to Take Fish Oil 

As long as you take the supplement consistently, you will get the full benefit. Yet there are some considerations that may make one time of day best for some people.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may decide that taking your fish oil at a particular time of day is best for your body.

1.  Do you occasionally or always experience digestive issues after taking fish oil?

Many people can take fish oil supplements without side effects, but others do experience nausea and other digestive issues.

If you’re in this group, you want to time your supplement so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life.

Determine the most active part of your day and try to take the supplement after that period.

You can then deal with the side effects without stopping your day at awkward times.

If your body doesn’t adjust to taking fish oil and the side effects are strong enough to interfere with your life, there are some things that you may do to get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids without the discomfort:

  • Try taking a different brand or type of supplement. You may try krill oil as an alternative.
  • Make sure that you’re taking the supplement with a large meal.
  • Include salmon and other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your weekly meal plan. If you consume at least three or four full servings every week, you may not need the supplement.
  • Break your daily dose up into smaller doses. For instance, take one pill with each meal rather than taking three pills at once. Some people find that smaller doses are easier on the stomach.

2.  Do you exercise daily?

Some people find that taking fish oil before an intense workout leads to stomach upset.

There is no benefit to consuming fish oil right before your workout because the enhanced energy isn’t an immediate benefit.

That comes over a period of time as you take your supplement consistently.

If you do find that you’re more prone to stomach issues if you take fish oil prior to your workout, you may find that it’s best to consume this supplement at least a few hours before the workout or at night.

3.  Do you often forget to take your pills?

 “Oh, I forgot my supplements again!” If this thought crosses your mind frequently, then you will benefit from picking one time of day to take your supplements.

Put your bottle of fish oil capsules right by another item that will give you a visual reminder of the pills.

For instance, you may set them next to the coffee pot if you drink coffee first thing every morning.

If you make an effort to take your fish oil daily, it will become an automatic part of your daily routine eventually.

Your only job then will become keeping your supply full so that you don’t run out of fish oil.

Amazon and other retailers that offer automatic shipments at designated periods of time will help you avoid this problem.

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