The Best Time of Day to Take Krill Oil 

The Best Time of Day to Take Krill Oil

Some people will tell you that it’s best time of day to take krill oil first thing in the morning so that it can help improve your mood, boost your energy level, and fight inflammation throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this goes against how supplements like krill oil really work inside the body.

When you take your first dose of krill oil, you won’t likely notice an immediate improvement in your mood, energy level, or inflammation.

This is because the omega-3 fatty acids found in this oil must accumulate in your body and remain at a healthy level over a period of time before you will start really noticing the benefits.

This is why you won’t benefit from taking krill oil or any other supplement unless you take it consistently. In general, that means that you will get the full benefit of the supplement as long as you take it daily.

This makes the time of day that you take the supplement irrelevant, but there are some things that you might think about when determining what time of day to take your krill oil.

Potential Side Effects

Some people find that krill oil supplements cause digestive distress while others notice no side effects at all.

If you’re in the former group, you should take your krill oil with a meal.

You may go a step further by taking it with dinner so that you’re at home if digestive problems do occur.

In some cases, splitting your daily dose into two or three doses at different times of the day may help.

You may find that your stomach can tolerate the oil better in lower dosages.


If you’re one of those people who struggle to remember small details like taking a pill each day, pick one time and place to take your krill oil.

Set the bottle of oil capsules in a designated location where it will serve as a reminder of this commitment.

For instance, you may set the bottle by your toothbrush on the bathroom counter and commit to taking it right after you brush.

If you make a smoothie every morning, then maybe you should sit the pills by your blender and consider it part of your breakfast.

Another option is to set the pills on your nightstand with a bottle of water before you go to bed each night.

Commit to taking the pill each morning before you look at your cell phone or right after you turn off your alarm.

The best time to take your krill oil is the time that you will actually take it daily.

Think about activities that you do daily, including weekends and days off work or school.

Then think about specific locations where you find yourself at some point in the day.

Those are clues as to where you should place your krill oil in order to visually remind yourself of this commitment to your health.

Once you start taking your supplement daily, you will start taking it automatically with little thought.

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