Testimonials that Krill Oil Changes Lives

Pain and Cholesterol: "When we started taking the krill, right away we discovered we had a better attitude and felt more upbeat. I had stiff muscles and difficulty moving. My husband wore holes in the sheets from jerking his feet in pain at night. My feet are not stiff any more. I can walk on them, and it doesn’t hurt. We have had fabulous results from this product. When I compare taking fish oil with taking the krill, it’s like rocks and diamonds." --Rebecca M.

Drugs and side effects: "My doctor put me on a drug to lower my cholesterol 18 months ago. When I read about the side effects, I stopped taking it and tried to do the job by changing my diet and losing weight (25 lbs.) I saw no improvement in my cholesterol. I didn’t realize that the liver makes 80% of our cholesterol so diet and weight loss alone aren’t enough. When I took your krill oil, in less than a month, my cholesterol was down 31 points and my triglycerides were 89 points lower.”  -- Mary Lou V. Baneberry

Joints: "I’ve been in surgery because of motor bike accidents numerous times. All my joints were affected in some way, and as a young person in my 20s I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t ride a snow machine for very long because I hurt. But since taking the krill every day my soreness is gone. I feel like a million bucks." --Jared A.

Skin: "My skin feels better, looks healthier, and is definitely more nourished. I know that I’m doing something good for my health because of the omega 3 krill. I’m healthier and pampered at the same time.” -- Christina W.

Depression: "I have been taking Maxalt for years for migraine headaches. I usually take 18 pills a month, sometimes 3 or 4 a day. I also take Fiorinal for headache pain. The pain meds also bring on depression. I started taking the krill in June. In July I took NO Maxalt for two weeks. My depression was mostly gone! I also noticed that my hip and knee pain is almost gone too. I have an adopted son, Jonathan, who has autism. He has had the best summer ever since taking the krill. He takes one in the morning and one at night. He’s been happier and calmer since he’s been on the krill. We’ll never be without it!" -- Robin M.

Pain: "There’s nothing more alarming than to have my wife say, “I want to die.” I’ve taken her to hundreds of doctors with little benefit. When we heard about the krill, she asked her doctor about it. To my surprise, he had her start taking 6 a day. Within two weeks she started feeling much better. She still has bad and good days, but I don’t hear “I want to die” anymore. If you could see the good it has done to her, you’d be amazed. I can see improvement every day. It’s wonderful." -- Max H.

Skin & Cholesterol: "After only 3 months on the krill, I’m seeing remarkable changes in my health—my dry skin is gone, my good cholesterol is up and my bad is down. I’ve tried all the juices in network marketing, and none of them did anything for me. But here’s a product with all kinds of science that shows it will actually do what they say it will do. It is working for me. It’s the best delivery system there is for omega-3s." -- Don L.

High Blood Pressure: "For the past few years I have been awakened in the night having to roll over because the pressure of the bed was making that part of my body hurt. I would roll to another position, sleep for awhile and then wake up and have to roll again. A friend told me the krill would make a difference. I decided to give it a try. I discovered in a very short time that I was no longer awakened in the night with discomfort. I thought it was a fluke. My wife had a mini stroke and was told that she had extremely high blood pressure. My friend told me she should be taking 4 of the krill a day. Since I didn't have too many left I decided to stop taking them and let my wife have them. Guess what? Within a few days I started waking up several times during the night again. - Ken L.

Joints: "My wife has felt that she needed a right knee replacement. She hasn’t been able to kneel down. But after 30 days on the krill, she’s no longer in any pain; and she can kneel again. Her hands have lost their puffiness. She can move her ring up and down on her finger now. I’m feeling better and stronger with much more energy. We take 2 a day. It’s a gift to us." -- Blaine H.

Arhtritis: "I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years. As the pain, inflammation, and damage has increased, I have been running out of medication options. One of my last resources was to be some very expensive and risky medications, which, even with insurance, I simply could not afford. In early June I became very ill with sinus infections and a persistent cough. No matter which antibiotics the doctors gave me, I still remained ill. Finally, at the beginning of August I went to a specialist and we prepared for surgery. A week later, I called my rheumatologist to see about getting off the medications, since they were immune-suppressants. He told me to get off them immediately, which I did. In the meantime on August 3rd I began taking the krill. My rheumatologist thought it would be fine. Within 3-4 weeks as the medications withdrew from my body and the krill took over, I felt little pain and no swelling. When I saw my doctor on September 16th, he was amazed to see that the inflammation had gone down to such minimal amounts. He said I was going into remission." - Beth H.

Depression: "I am 71 years old. Two years ago I was misdiagnosed with shingles, depression and anxiety. I was medicated. A year and a half ago I had an accident and after than I added even more medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and anxiety. I stopped taking my medications. Then I was introduced to the krill. In two weeks I lost 26 pounds. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. Your krill gave me my life back." -- Helen S.

Eczema: "I have had severe eczema since I was a baby. I have seen the doctor about it several times. I was told to install a water softener and was given prescriptions for steroid creams. Cold weather and having my skin in water a lot makes it flair up. Last fall I started taking the krill. After a short time, I noticed that my skin was clear and the eczema was gone, even during the winter. Your krill is so simple to take, has not side effects, and is benefiting the rest of my body too!"  -- Justin E.

 Pain and Prescription Drug Addiction An industrial chemical accident left me with burns over 18% of my body. Side effects, overdose, addiction, and eventual ineffectiveness of prescription pain medications plagued me for more than 15 years. When I began taking 2 capsules of the krill oil a day, nothing happened. I doubled the dose to 4, and after only 5 days began backing off my prescriptions pill by pill, day by day with little or no problems. I no longer worry about the negative effects of high doses of narcotics. I have replaced over $600.00 in monthly prescriptions.  -- Deren S.

 Energy: We’ve had a lot of people in our family try your krill oil. Everyone that tried it, young and old, felt at least a little happier and had more energy. Some dramatically improved in energy and mood.  --Lani V.

 Autism: My 6-year-old adopted daughter has an autistic spectrum disorder that could only be controlled with medications at as high as $900 a month. Within 3 weeks on the krill oil we saw remarkable results. She can now sleep through the night. She had to be on a leash in public because she would dash in front of cars. She’s much calmer now and doing better every day. She takes 5 capsules of krill oil a day and is off her expensive medications. I have a new daughter thanks to your krill oil. -- Jeff A.  

Infections: I had pneumonia and was only getting worse when I first started taking your krill oil. I also had really severe heart problems and was on insulin for type-2 diabetes. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to recover from pneumonia, and at the same time my heart problems normalized and I was able to get off my insulin. I’m amazed at the results.  -- Darin B.

Macular Degeneration: I was diagnosed with macular degeneration several years ago and seemed to be losing my vision little by little. After taking the krill oil, I took a vision test and could suddenly read the tiniest line on the chart. I’m amazed at my vision improvement. -- Jim M.

Cardiovascular: I went in to have a stint put in an artery. When he was going to insert it the doctor told me my arteries were no longer blocked. I didn’t need the stint. The only change I had made during the 4 months before was taking the krill oil.  -- Tom M.

  Animal Hip Dysplasia: My 9-year-old German shepherd has severe hip dysplasia and couldn’t stand very long without falling down. Sometimes when he would fall he would "yipe" from the pain. He has had this disability for about a year now. Two weeks after he started taking the krill oil, he was standing and walking without falling. He has changed from being depressed and in pain to wanting to play. He seems to get a little better every day. -- Gina C.

Heart Condition: I have a brother in Idaho who is a large contractor. He had more than 50% of his heart destroyed from a rattlesnake bite he didn’t know he had. One doctor told him he had only 27% of his heart functioning. After four weeks of taking the krill oil, he can go more than 3 hours without using his oxygen tubes. He has been able to return to work and the things he loves. He’s off 3 of his heart medicines. Your krill oil is God’s answer to good health.  -- Blaine H.

 Depression: "I have had depression issues all of my life and have been going through a fairly long period recently. Within a week of taking the krill, the depression was gone and has not returned. It’s something very healthy, without the side effects of drugs. Because of the results I have seen, I am getting very involved! I want to make sure everyone I come into contact with at least has a chance to find out about the [krill] and the other products." -- Lani V.

 Bursitis: Three years ago I went to physical therapy for bursitis and a frozen shoulder. After many painful months I got about 2/3rds of my range of motion back. I also had chronic lower back pain. Since taking the krill oil I’ve got complete motion back in my shoulder and my back pain is virtually gone.  -- Bill F.

Psoriasis: I suffer from severe psoriasis. My doctor prescribed fluocinonide. After over 2 years of use, without much change, I was sent to a dermatologist. She prescribed a stronger one but there was little relief. When I started taking the Supplement Pack with krill oil, there was an immediate change in my psoriasis. The rashes on my legs began to break up. They became "small" spots rather than "patches." At 2 weeks, my upper body had no psoriasis. My legs are getting better by the day! I am ecstatic about the improvement.  -- Walter G.

 Better Sleep & Charlie Horses: I couldn’t sleep. I’d be awake 3 ½ hours every night getting only half the sleep I needed. When I started taking the krill oil, I noticed that I started sleeping all night long. I’ve been taking one pill at night and one in the morning. I’m sleeping every night. I also had Charlie Horses really bad in the night. I’ve noticed that I’m not getting up in the night with them any more.  -- Bonnie S.

Osteoarthritis: I have been suffering with osteoarthritis in my left knee for several years. Lately, it’s been extremely difficult to walk without pain or limping. I started taking the Supplement Pack two months ago. I began to realize less and less pain. My knee was becoming more limber, and my range of motion was improving. I began taking less and less of my prescribed medication. I feel better, I have more energy, and I am definitely in less pain. In fact, on most days, I am pain-free.  -- Fran B.

 Arthritis: My wife had arthritis in her fingers. She had a lot of inflammation and pain. She started taking the krill oil. She now has no more soreness in her fingers. The inflammation is gone. I’m so thankful that my friends talked us into taking these krill products.  -- Ken M.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol: Without taking any medications my starting blood pressure was 165/120, my glucose was 269, my total cholesterol was 282, my HDL was 70, and my LDL was 151. Eight months later after taking the Supplement Pack with the krill oil daily, my blood pressure was 130/75, my glucose was 135, my overall cholesterol was 169, my HDL was 90, and my LDL was128. My doctor asked me what I had changed in my diet. The only things were no soda and the krill supplements!  -- Walter G.

Pain Relief & Weight Loss: I am 56 and have had 2 major surgeries on my left knee and 3 on my right. Two weeks after starting the krill Supplement Pack, the swelling in my knees had gone down to almost nothing, and I was moving much better. I stopped taking three brand name pain relievers each day for my knee pain and stiffness. I now go several days without taking any. By the end of the first month I had lost 18 lbs. I have far more energy. -- Norm S.

Cholesterol: The krill oil has helped lower my eleven-year old son’s cholesterol. I am most excited about being able to provide a healthier lifestyle for my family both inside and out! Thank you!  -- Sharon M.

Diabetes: I have been a diabetic for the past eight years. I started taking the krill oil and after two months I had my yearly blood work done. All my tests came back in the high normal range. In fact, my bad readings were raised to normal. I was so impressed that I switched my order to the complete Supplement Pack. This has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made. My energy is up and I feel great! -- Jim P.

Pain: The thing that has endeared me to the krill oil for good, is that I’ve noticed my knees don’t hurt as bad after taking it for two months. After riding in and driving 18 wheelers and heavy equipment "literally" since I was in diapers, my knees know about it. I can’t promise it’ll help your knees, but it’s sure helped mine, and I LIKE IT! -- Ronnie H.

Chronic Anemia: I have had chronic anemia for 15 years with over $300,000 in medical bills a year. When I lost my job and insurance, I could no longer afford the $16,000 treatments I needed. My doctors told me my body couldn’t absorb minerals and vitamins, so I didn’t think the krill oil would help. However, within 5 days I had energy, I felt great, and the black lines under my eyes began disappearing. I got involved in the business opportunity because so many people wanted to know why I was suddenly feeling so much better. They wanted to try the product. It’s not only a lifesaver for my health but great financial security for me and my three children. -- Mindi S.

Recovery after Orthopedic Surgery: My results in taking the krill oil were so remarkable that I signed up my orthopedic surgeon. I was in an especially bad car crash a year ago that smashed my ankle. I had a lot of metal put in. When I had the metal removed, my doctor said, "let’s do a test using 8 capsules a day before and after surgery." Normally I would have been on crutches for 2 weeks. I was off crutches in 2 hours with no debilitating inflammation. It may seem like a miracle, but it’s simple science. Your krill oil reduces inflammation.  -- Josh A.

Blood Pressure: I was on a high dosage of Coumadin. I read on the bottle of krill oil that if you’re on a blood thinner, be careful. That scared me. But I went ahead and started by taking one a day. After a month I got checked, and my doctor was able to cut my dosage of Coumadin. I went back in 10 days and he dropped it again. It happened 3 times. I’m down to almost half and hope to get completely off Coumadin soon. -- Ken M.

Acne: My daughter’s acne has cleared up on one krill oil capsule a day. He’s had since she was a young teen. She’s tried everything she could think of. They’ll work for a little while then they don’t. Krill oil has also helped with her moodiness. She’s happier and more outgoing…not so solemn. -- Sandee M.

Improved Sleep and Weight Loss: I ordered the Supplement Pack with krill oil. Within a few days I felt extra energy and noticed I didn’t need to sleep as much. When I woke up I was refreshed and ready to go. A few weeks later I noticed I had lost 9 lbs during holidays. That is unheard of. To date I’ve lost over 15 lbs. I haven’t exercised more. Actually I’m doing a lot more because I’ve had more energy. -- John

Arthritis: I’ve had osteoarthritis for about 8 years from an old logging accident. My knee has been swollen up for a long time. I noticed after about 2 weeks of taking the krill oil that the swelling started to go down. I woke up and all of a sudden it was like being a new guy. It was like getting a new leg without a transplant. Now the swelling’s gone and I can almost run again. I’m 52 years old. I thought I was going to have to deal with it the rest of my life. -- Jeff H.

Dry Skin: The lotion with the krill oil looked good for my dry skin, and I tried the Green Tea soap too. After a few days I realized that all those dry scales were gone. I had really dry heels and had to practically buy a new pair of nylons every time I wore them. Within 3 or four days of using the lotion, I noticed that they were fine.  -- Bonnie S.

 Diabetes: I am a severe diabetic…Lipitor, insulin, and everything. My sugars were between 200 and 300 before I started. Anything over 150 damages your organs. I didn’t change what I ate. With the krill oil now my sugars are between 100 and 150. I got off Lipitor. This month I was able to cut my insulin use in half.  -- Ken M.

Lower Triglycerides: Without taking the prescription drug Vytorin, my triglycerides would soar to over 350. After taking the krill oil for two months, a simple blood test showed a drop in my triglycerides of over 212 points. -- Vytorin. Deren S.

Pain: I was in a train accident in 2007. I have had 4 shoulder surgeries, 1 arm surgery, 1 brain surgery, and 1 knee surgery. I have been on either Lortab or Percoset continuously, mostly for my shoulders. I have been taking the krill oil for 3 weeks and have been able to quit the drugs for shoulder pain.  -- Rex S.

  Cell Recovery: "I am an iron man triathlete and have trained consistently for many years. As a medical doctor I’ve tried every process and supplement I could find to bring back the endurance I once had. Since taking the krill oil I’ve literally feel 20 years younger in my athletic abilities and my recovery time." Dr. Mike B. 

 Depression: "When my two adult children moved out within months of each other, I was devastated and fell into a deep empty depression. I would cry myself to sleep almost every night. I started taking the krill oil. After about a month I was not depressed, not even a little bit. Thanks for drying my tears and making me feel so much better."  -- Cynthia T. 

 Pain: "I’m a cosmetologist, and within week and a half of taking the krill oil, I had no more pain in my neck and shoulders. For a cosmetologist, that is huge. I couldn’t turn my head to drive out of my driveway. So there was a lot of relief for me. If I don’t feel good, I can’t do my business. Now I feel like my whole insides are more oiled. I’ve got more mobility."  -- Cindy M. , ID

  Inflammation: "Last month I ordered an extra bottle of krill oil. I’m taking 3 capsules a day. When I started doing that, I noticed the pains in my shoulders going away. When I wrecked my motorcycle, I dislocated both shoulders and tore one shoulder up really bad. They always hurt. I was taking Ibuprofen every day. Now I don’t take it anymore. I had a twitch in my hand, and now it’s gone. It helps in so many ways. I’ve taken other supplements, and I’ve never had one effect me like this has, never." -- John 

Pain and inflammation: "After I started taking your krill oil, (1) My feet quit hurting after 2 weeks. (2) My shoulders and knees quit hurting after 5-6 weeks. It didn't register with me until my son seem surprised that I just hopped under a house we were working one day without complaining. (3) I haven't been comfortable sleeping on my left side for years. I even wondered if I was having heart problems. I now have no problem sleeping on either side. (4) My wife mentioned that her finger nails seemed to be getting stronger. I took a closer look and realized that my right thumb nail that was constantly splitting right back to the quick was not splitting any more. I am even more excited to see the changes in my friends. I sold 42 bottles in the month of August alone. I want to shout to the world the wonderful things that are happening in my life because of the company!"  -- Ray C. 

 Fatique & Energy: "I used to feel mildly sick and fatigued almost every day. Since I've been taking the krill oil for the last week, I don't feel sick anymore! In fact, I feel more alert, energized, and healthier than ever! Your krill oil is so powerful for me, I feel a warm soothing massage-like feeling in my heart every time, within minutes after taking it, and it feels soooo good! The only thing I can compare it to is when I drank some homemade vegetable juice one time, and I felt my whole body say "Ahhhhh!..." It's like that with your krill oil, only it's much more potent, and it lasts all day! On top of that, the first time I took it, it got rid of my migraine within 5 minutes, and yesterday it took away another headache I was having within three minutes! I'm so impressed with your krill oil that I'm willing to share it with anybody! Thank GOD for providing such a miraculous ingredient in nature! And thank you to whoever went out to harvest this precious krill oil and provided it so conveniently!" -- Ian S., Idaho

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