Natural Tea Tree Oil Burn Remedy for Faster Healing and Relief

Faster Healing and Relief for Burns

If you have never heard of a natural tea tree oil burn remedy, you will be shocked at how well it works .

Tea tree oil is one of the most heavily used essential oils because it’s safe for topical application and can effectively combat many types of bacteria.

The oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which grows naturally in Australia.

You can use tea tree oil to treat everything from acne and head lice to athlete’s foot, but it’s ability to speed up the healing of burns is most impressive.

It’s commonly used for minor burns, so you will still need to seek medical treatment for more severe injuries.

Tea Tree Oil as a Burn Remedy

Natural Tea Tree Oil Burn Remedy

While there is limited research proving the effectiveness of a tea tree oil burn remedy,  it is one of the most heavily studied essential oils for inflammation.

One study found that the oil reduced the vascular response in cells when histamine was injected into the forearms of humans.

Tea tree oil can also help with pain control and comfort while limiting the risk of an infection in the burn.  We have tried it and it really works!

Tea tree oil also offers many benefits for the skin. A burn can destroy layers of skin and may leave a scar, so it makes sense to treat it early with a natural oil that can nourish and heal the skin.

The oil is safe for topical application, but you should never ingest tea tree oil. Direct application to the burn site is also the most effective way to soothe pain and aid skin healing.

How to Make a Natural Tea Tree Oil Burn Remedy

The great thing about essential oils is you don’t need a lot of supplies or added ingredients to turn them into powerful natural remedies that benefit your body and mind.

The fastest way to soothe and heal a burn is to simply mix pure tea tree oil with a carrier oil and apply a light coat over the burn.

Coconut oil in its solid state is a good option because it creates a creamy texture that’s easy to apply.

Coconut oil is also a source of vitamin E and fatty acids that fight bacteria and fungus for added benefits.

Many people use coconut oil for their hair, skin and nails because it nourishes and moisturizes for greater shine and strength.

Those are all added benefits for your skin when creating a natural tea tree oil burn remedy.

You can also mix tea tree oil with other essential oils that are proven to soothe pain, reduce risk of infection, reduce inflammation and heal the skin.

Lavender essential oil is a good option because it has many of those healing properties and is one of the most heavily researched essential oils available today.

It also has a relaxing aroma that may help emotionally calm someone suffering from a burn.

If you use a cool compress to soothe a minor burn, consider adding a couple drops of tea tree oil before you place it over the wound.

This is a great way to create a natural tea tree oil burn remedy without mixing with other oils or complicating the process.

It only takes a few seconds to open a bottle of essential oil and place few drops on the compress before application.

Do You Still Need Medicare Care?

Whether you should seek medical attention depends on the nature of the injury.

If you have a minor burn on a small area of skin, you can likely treat the burn at home without risking complications.

You should watch for signs of infection, which may include:

  • Oozing puss
  • Extreme swelling
  • Increasing redness and/or swelling
  • Increase in pain

Minor burn wounds that just leave the skin red and tender or that have small blisters are easily treated at home with over-the-counter pain medication, cool compresses and natural remedies like essential oils.

You should seek prompt medical attention if the burn covers a large area of skin, involves one or more large blisters or creates extreme pain that is difficult to manage on your own.

Severe burns may lead to dehydration, low body temperatures, infection, breathing problems and other issues that are possibly life-threatening.

If your burn goes beyond touching something hot with a finger for a second or a small blister on one body part, it’s best to seek emergency care just to make sure more extensive medical treatment isn’t required.

You may also reduce scarring if you have a more substantial burns treated right away.

When selecting your tea tree oil, look into the manufacturer to determine how the oil was extracted and processed.

Look for pure essential oils from reputable distributors to ensure that you receive authentic tea tree oil of the highest quality.

The quality of your starting ingredient determines the quality of your natural tea tree oil burn remedy.

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