Top 5 Benefits of Krill Oil Supplements for Pregnant Women

Top 5 Benefits of Krill Oil Supplements for Pregnant Women

One of the best supplements for pregnant women is krill oil. 

The normal benefits of krill oil becomes even more exciting when women consider the advantages of taking them during pregnancy.

Taking krill oil supplements provides the best form of omega 3 fatty acids. Krill oil is perfectly safe to take even by pregnant women.

Below are the top 5 reasons for pregnant women to take a krill oil supplement daily.

 1. Krill are crustaceans found in the Antarctic Ocean. These tiny shrimp shaped creatures are food for animals such as whales.

The Antarctic waters are clean and mostly free from contaminants, which means the krill is also clean.

Omega 3 fatty acids oil is derived from the krill and enables a person to take a krill oil supplement to receive the optimum amount of omega 3 fatty acid.

It’s a perfectly safe way for pregnant women to take this vital nutrient.

 2. If pregnant women get their omega 3’s from eating fish they are unable to control the amount of the nutrient consumed.

If they cannot control the amount, they may not get enough of the nutrient, or they could overdose on it.

If pregnant women take the omega 3 fatty acid in a (krill oil) supplement, they know they are receiving the right amount without worries of over dosing on the nutrient.

 3. The omega 3 has great benefits on the fetus.

Studies show that pregnant women taking omega 3 supplements (or through their diet by eating fish) have babies that have better eyesight and sharper brain development.

These babies have better social skills and are able to focus with fewer occurrences of ADD and ADHD than babies born of mothers who did not eat fish or take omega 3 supplements.

 4. The omega 3 supplements taken by pregnant women help their babies to have good brain development during gestation, but the effects are long term.

Studies show that babies born to mothers who consistently took an omega 3 krill oil supplement or ate fish on a regular basis showed excellent brain development for up to a year and a half after their birth.

These babies excelled in focusing tasks and social skills.

 5. When pregnant women take an omega 3 fatty acid in the form of krill oil they are receiving the highest quality and most pure form of omega 3.

These women had fewer cases of post partum depression for up to a year after giving birth.

Omega 3 fatty acids helps to stabilize the emotions, while sharpening mental capacity in the pregnant and post partum mothers.

Omega 3 works in the brain of both the fetus and the mother giving good benefits that last beyond the pregnancy.

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