Salmon Oil vs Krill Oil:  Which is Better for Your Body?

When comparing salmon oil vs krill oil, there is one clear winner for your health and wellness.

You know that there are health benefits to gain from taking a daily fish oil, salmon oil, or krill oil supplement, but how do you determine which type of supplement is best for your body?

This is a topic that confuses many people, but with a little information you can make the right choice for your health.

The Overall Comparison

Many fish oil supplements are created from salmon as well as other fatty fish like anchovies.

You can now buy pure salmon oil supplements that are sourced entirely from salmon, but they aren’t necessarily higher quality than a fish oil supplement taken from multiple type of fish.

When you compare salmon oil and krill oil, there are many similarities and common health benefits.

Since both oils deliver most of their benefits from their nutritional content, many professionals think of them as relatively equal.

There are some differences that may help you pick one type of oil or another, so let’s take a closer look at a few critical factors.

Regardless of which type of oil you select, make sure that the fish or krill are sourced from healthy bodies of water and are purified to remove mercury and other heavy metals before bottling.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Content

At first glance, it may seem like salmon oil contains more omega-3 than krill oil, but krill oil is still more potent than salmon and most other fish oils.

The omega-3 oils found in krill are more available for absorption into the body, so you should end up receiving a greater benefit when you take a high-quality krill supplement.

Krill oil is also more powerful when it comes to antioxidants, vitamin D, and other nutrients, so krill oil definitely takes the lead when you look at the nutritional content.

Comparing Health Benefits of Salmon Oil vs Krill Oil

Most of the health benefits of krill oil and salmon oil come from their omega-3 fatty acid content, and you can get those essential nutrients from both types of oil.

You can protect your heart from disease while lowering your cholesterol levels and blood pressure by taking either of these supplements.

Both oils are also capable of fighting inflammation and boosting your immune system, and they are both rich in vitamin D and many other nutrients needed for great overall health.

Comparing The Ease of Consumption & Affordability of Salmon Oil vs Krill

This is where many people make their final decision between salmon and krill oil.

Fish oil supplements that contain salmon are known for the unpleasant fishy aftertaste and the fish burps that often occur after taking the supplement.

Krill oil is less likely to cause those problems, which is one reason many people now prefer it over salmon oil.

Comparing salmon oil vs krill, salmon and fish oil supplements are often more affordable than the leading krill oil supplements, so budget-conscious buyers may look for salmon oil first.

The health benefits that come with krill oil make it more than worth the investment for quality-conscious buyers, and you can often find krill oil supplements on sale if you shop online.

What About Contamination of salmon oil vs krill?

One of the biggest concerns with salmon oil is the contamination of mercury and other toxins that are now present in most bodies of water.

Krill oil is believed to be safer because krill come from the clean waters in Antarctica, and krill is a renewable resource that doesn’t put the ecosystem of our oceans in danger.

It’s believed that the salmon population in many bodies of water is mostly over-fished, so there is a danger to the environment when creating fish oil supplements.

The Bottom Line

While there are many similarities between salmon and krill oil, there are some clear advantages to taking krill oil supplements.

You can still get some of the benefits from a fish oil supplement, but the potency and heightened safety of krill oil makes it well worth the investment for most people.

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