Saffron Oil Benefits and Uses for Your Hair, Skin and Health

Saffron Oil Benefits

High-quality saffron oil can be expensive, but it can do wonders for your hair skin, and overall health. 

What is Saffron Oil Made Of?

Saffron is a spice, dye, and natural fragrance created from the stigmas of the autumn crocus plant.

The stigmas are the small, thread-like fibers that extend from the center of the flower.

They carry the plant’s pollen and have a strong aroma and bitter taste.

Those stigmas are dried to create the spice that’s heavily used in some cuisines, but you can also extract oil from those stigmas to take advantage of their health benefits in concentrated form.

Once you start shopping for saffron, you’ll discover that it’s one of the more expensive spices and oils available today.

That’s because the stigmas are removed from the autumn crocus plant by hand, and a lot of plants are needed to create even a modest amount of spice or oil.

It’s a time-consuming process, and that time drives up the price.

All good things come with a price, right?

It turns out that saffron packs a powerful punch when it comes to antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and keep the human body healthy and strong.

There are a variety of health benefits that come from those antioxidants, and saffron is also great for your hair and skin.

Let’s take a closer look at what this fragrant oil can do for your mind and body.

Saffron Oil Health Benefits

Saffron Oil Health Benefits

There’s a reason saffron has been used for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years in some cultures.

Modern research has shown that it has a powerful impact on the nervous system and is useful in the treatment of many mental and physical health conditions, including:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Hypertension
  • Learning disorders
  • Memory impairments
  • Stomach disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Opiate withdrawal

There’s also some scientific research suggesting saffron can help reduce appetite and control bodyweight.

It’s believed to help reduce inflammation as well, which can have a powerful impact on overall health while improving arthritis and other conditions that often leave people with chronic pain.

Is it any wonder that saffron is such a prized spice and oil around the world?

Whether you sprinkle the spice on your food, use it for aromatherapy, or create your own medications from high-quality saffron oil, it may help you feel and look your best.

More research is needed before it’s used as prescription medication for serious diseases, but you can start using it today to boost your memory, enhance your learning capabilities, lift your mood, and get back into your skinny jeans.

Of course, no essential oil can cause substantial weight loss or other health benefits alone.

Think of it as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that includes a variety of healthy, nutrient-dense foods and regular exercise.

Mental stimulation and time spent outdoors can help with mental health as well.

Saffron Oil and Cancer

Some of the most exciting research into the health benefits of saffron is focused on the treatment of cancer.

While more clinical trials are needed to fully understand how saffron may help prevent and treat cancer, what we know right now is it has the power to fight tumors and shows promise as a preventative agent.

Saffron Oil Benefits and Uses for Your Hair, Skin and Health

Saffron Oil for Sexual Health

Research has shown that saffron is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Participants in one study showed significant improvements in erectile functioning and sexual satisfaction when taking 15 mg of saffron twice a day.

They also benefited from improvements in depression, which can have a negative impact on sexual performance and satisfaction.

Many believe saffron oil is also an aphrodisiac, so adding it to a recipe on date night or wearing it as a perfume may spice up a romantic evening.

It’s been used as a perfume in some areas of the world for many years, so perhaps its seductive nature is nothing new.

Saffron Oil Benefits for Hair

There isn’t as much research into the hair benefits of saffron as the health benefits, but it has shown potential to keep your locks healthy in a few ways:

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Protect from UV rays and other environmental risks
  • Boost overall shine and health

Saffron is used in some haircare products, but those products are often expensive.

The more saffron used in the formula, the more you can expect to pay for the product due to the cost of saffron today.

That’s why many people choose to buy pure saffron oil and create their own hair products.

A little goes a long way, so you can make your supply stretch if you use it to occasionally put some life back into your tresses.

Daily use to fight hair loss will cost a bit more whether you use pure oil or existing products.

There are a few ways you can use saffron oil to improve the condition of your hair.

The simplest option is to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub it directly into your hair at root level.

The coconut oil can nourish and hydrate your scalp while helping to condition your hair, so rub it on with confidence.

If you make your own shampoo and conditioner, you can add saffron oil along with other ingredients known to offer hair benefits.

One other option is to add saffron oil to your favorite conditioner before applying it to your hair.

Saffron Oil Benefits for Skin

Saffron Oil Benefits for Skin

The antioxidants in saffron oil are great for your skin. One of its more promising uses is as a treatment for acne.

It can help eliminate bacteria while reducing inflammation, resulting in a less prominent appearance of blemishes.

Keeping your skin clean is still necessary, but adding saffron oil to your daily routine may help clear up your skin faster.

There is some scientific research showing saffron can absorb UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage.

You can take advantage of those benefits by mixing saffron oil into your favorite daytime lotion or mixing it with coconut oil and using it as a skin moisturizer.

Remember it does have a strong aroma, so make sure you like the aromatic benefits before rubbing it head to toe and heading out for a long day at work.

If you’re worried your skin will react with sensitivity to saffron oil, try it on a small patch of skin before rubbing it over your arms, legs, or torso.

Make sure to mix it with coconut oil or another carrier oil to reduce the potential for sensitivities.

Saffron Oil and Your Mental Health

Saffron has a strong aroma that you can use for aromatherapy.

There’s some evidence that it helps boost the mood and is helpful for those suffering from depression.

If you suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months or have a diagnosed mood disorder that leaves you feeling down more often than you like, saffron oil is a great addition to your treatment plan.

Saffron oil may not eliminate your down moods entirely on its own, but it plays nice with therapy, exercise, sunlight lamps, and other effective treatment options.

Try adding it to your existing daily routine to see how much it helps after a few weeks of continuous use.

There are a variety of ways you can use saffron oil to improve your mental health, including:

  • Put pure saffron oil in a diffuser. It will spread throughout your living or work space to lift your mood continuously. Just keep in mind that it has a strong aroma that may be a bit too much for children or others in your household. Think about making it a part of your morning routine and isolate it to your bedroom or bathroom if others don’t enjoy the aroma.
  • Mix saffron oil with other mood-enhancing essential oils and create your own mood-boosting blend. That’s a good way to change the aroma if you don’t like the natural smell of saffron. You can also buy pre-blended oils that contain saffron. Citrus essential oils like orange and grapefruit and excellent mood enhancers that may blend well with saffron.
  • Rub a small amount dab of pure saffron oil on your wrist or the back of your neck. A small dot of oil is enough. You can bring your wrist to your nose at any time during the day to enjoy a quick mood boost. When used behind the neck, it works more like a perfume that may help your mood throughout the day.
  • Make your own saffron perfume. The other ingredients are your choice, so you can keep it all natural or use some synthetic properties. The goal is to blend an uplifting aroma that is uniquely yours. Saffron is expensive, but it has such a strong aroma that you shouldn’t need much to blend a great perfume.
  • Put saffron oil in an essential oil bracelet or necklace. These jewelry pieces are designed to hold a small amount of oil, creating a convenient vessel that you can use to relieve anxiety, depression, and other mood problems without drawing a lot of attention from others. Lava stone beads are popular bracelet diffusers, but there are other options that look more professional for the office, special occasions, and everyday wear.
  • Mix saffron oil with coconut oil, almond oil, or another carrier oil, and then rub it directly onto your skin. This will protect your skin from damaging sunlight while conditioning your skin, and it will help soften your skin. Keep that strong saffron aroma in mind and consider adding other essential oils to change the scent if you don’t like it on its own.

There are so many uses for saffron oil that you may want to stock up and put it to use on a regular basis.

While it is one of the most expensive spices and oils on the market today, it’s important to find a high-quality product that maintains the integrity and purity of the oil throughout the manufacturing process.

If you find really cheap saffron oil, there’s a good chance it isn’t pure or perhaps isn’t even saffron.

Besides buying saffron oil, you may want to experiment with dried or fresh saffron.

You can place a carrier oil in a small glass bottle and add a couple sprigs of saffron.

Let it sit for at least a couple days to infuse the natural properties of the saffron into the oil.

You can then use the oil for any of the benefits listed above.

Just keep in mind that you may not have the high concentration of saffron antioxidants that you would get from a bottle of pure saffron oil.

If you’re new to essential oils, spend some time experimenting with saffron.

You may find that it blends perfectly with other new favorite oils.

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