Managing Prostate Inflammation
With Omega 3 Supplements

Managing Prostate Inflammation With Omega 3 Supplements

Prostate inflammation can occur in men of any age. It is most common in those men that are middle aged.

Some men think that problems with their prostate are a normal part of aging.

In fact prostate problems can be a sign of more complex health issues, including cancer.

Treating inflammation in its early stages may be effective in lowering the risk of prostate cancers later in life.

In fact in research on prostate cancer cells it is found that adding EPA or DHA does reduce inflammation. Both also increase the death of the cancer cells.

This has also been found in tests using animals that are fed diets that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Studies have also shown that krill and fish supplements provide the best way to decrease inflammation.

There are plant based Omega 3 foods and products on the market but they do not have EPA or DHA.

Instead these Omega 3 sources contain ALA. This has to be converted to EPA or DHA in the body to be used.

Reducing Inflammation In The Prostate

Adding a krill oil supplement to your diet is a simple way to reduce your risk of inflammation.

This also will have a positive impact on any inflammation of organs and tissues in the body such as the prostate.

Starting a regular supplement to the diet before any inflammation occurs is always the best option.

Like any supplement it is important to take the recommended daily intake or dose.

Men should avoid consuming high amounts of Omega 3s.

This is a good practice for any type of health supplement, vitamin or dietary supplement.

General Prostate Health

Increasing the Omega 3 levels in the blood to recommended levels provides strong anti-inflammatory factors.

It is important to eat a balanced diet that includes daily amounts of all foods and nutrients including fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Fiber is another important factor.

Fiber will assist in regulating blood sugar and decreasing the risk of digestive problems.

The healthier that men are the better the body is able to handle all types of inflammation.

A healthy diet also promotes lower levels of Omega 6 fatty acids which are directly linked to an increase in inflammation in the human body.

Men should definitely consider a pure form of Antarctic krill oil supplement to help reduce the risk of developing prostate inflammation.

Taking the recommended dosage will also help in controlling blood pressure.

It will help to promote heart health and give you the energy you may have been missing for years.

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