The Most Effective
PMS Treatments

When you are looking for effective PMS treatments, the more desperate you become for a solution to your PMS symptoms, the more willing you will naturally become to try anything and everything that promises to help even a little. If you are almost to that point with your premenstrual pain and emotional drama, it is time to ask one question: what PMS treatments are the most effective and fast-acting?

PMS Pain

You may think you have tried it all and have found no adequate solution to your discomfort, but there are some things you may not have tried or which you may not have given a long enough chance to work. Like all treatments for any type of medical condition, you have to remain consistent with treatment even when you are not feeling the pain or suffering emotional outbursts, depression, weight gain, bloating, and other symptoms.

Daily Supplements

Supplements are the easiest approach to relieving premenstrual syndrome symptoms, and pain reliever does not count as a healthy daily supplement. You may rely upon pain reliever to get through the day right now, but with the right treatments you should be able to depend upon chemical pain reliever less.

The best supplements for PMS relief are krill oil and calcium. You can get more calcium through diet as well, but taking a supplement is the easiest and fastest approach, especially if your diet is not consistent at this time. You can also try primrose oil and chasteberry supplements, but these supplements may come with uncomfortable side effects for some women.

Krill oil is an absolute essential for all women all month long every month. Not only will it put an end to a lot of the emotional and physical turmoil that comes with PMS, but it will protect your heart and help your brain function more efficiently. This is the simplest form of effective PMS treatment you will ever come across: take a krill oil supplement daily.

Healthy Foods and Water

The most effective solution to your PMS symptoms may be what you put in your mouth. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and other nutritional goodness can curb premenstrual cramping and abdominal cramping. Trading in the sugary, high-calorie drinks for healthy supplies of water can give bloating and swelling a swift kick to the curb. Before you sit down to eat a meal when you know PMS is just around the corner, ask yourself what that meal will do to keep those uncomfortable PMS symptoms at bay.

Active R&R

What is active rest and relaxation? Isn’t rest and relaxation supposed to mean complete laziness and minimal movement? Not necessarily. One of the most effective cures for the aches, pains and emotional distresses of PMS is to relax your body in a pleasant yet active manner. Here are some example activities that are emotionally and physically soothing:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

Just going out for a walk and feeling the fresh air and sunshine on your skin can help lift your mood, ease abdominal bloating, and take the edge off of cramping, headaches, aches and pains. Combine this activity with a healthy diet and a daily supplement of krill oil, and you have the most effective solution to your PMS distress.

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