PMS Supplements:
Pharmacological vs. Natural Choices

Over-the-counter pain medications, PMS supplements, and mood enhancers aimed at relieving the discomforts of premenstrual syndrome are everywhere today. Manufacturers know that this is a problem that women will likely always suffer with, which makes relief aids a lucrative industry. The problem is these products are quite expensive, not all work for every woman, and some may not work at all for most women.

Medications for PMS

There are some medications that claim to relieve all symptoms of PMS with one pill, but there are so many different symptoms that it is not possible for one pill to relieve all of the discomfort for every suffering woman. This is why most women end up taking one pain reliever for aches and pains, a diuretic for bloating, and other products for other symptoms they experience every month.

If you are tired of spending all of that money on multiple products or your bank account can no longer stand to make all of those purchases every month, it is time to do something new. It is time to consider giving up the pharmacological PMS products in favor of all-natural solutions to your PMS symptoms.

Benefits of Natural Treatment

1. Less risk of interaction with prescription medications and other over-the-counter products.

2. Less risk of negative side effects.

3. Financial savings. There are even some lifestyle changes that can relieve your PMS symptoms without any financial investment at all.

4. Less time invested in researching products. It is easier to find trustworthy information about natural products than it is to find honest information regarding pharmacological products. Some natural PMS remedies have received substantial study attention, so their health benefits and potential side effects are easy to discover.

5. Long term effectiveness. Most pharmacological PMS solutions wear off within hours, but many natural remedies deliver ongoing results. In fact, natural lifestyle changes come with health benefits and happiness boosters even when you are not suffering from PMS.

Finding Natural Treatments

Natural treatments for PMS are not that difficult to find. You can start with simple supplements, such as krill oil. You can add lifestyle changes such as adjusting your sleep schedule, adding exercise into your daily life, and learning deep stretching techniques. You can book a monthly appointment with a chiropractor to combat physical pain or learn meditation techniques to relax your mind when you feel overwhelmed by the stress of daily life.

There are some natural PMS supplements that are sold through the pharmacy of local stores, but you have to research them just as you would a prescription medication given by your doctor. Make sure you know what you are putting into your body, whether it is natural or not. Some plants and other natural products have powerful effects on the human body, and they can be just as powerful as unnatural drugs and medications.

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