Phosphatidylcholine for Anti-Aging

It is hard to believe that a tiny little molecule like phosphatidylcholine has such a long name.

This molecule is a phospholipid that acts in very special ways within each cell. It is usually referred to as lecithin and forms a great deal of each cell membrane.

The molecule is produced from choline, which is also where other phospholipids in the body come from.

They can also be consumed with food and enter the body by digestion. All the phosphatidylcholine are used in cholesterol movement through the body, including providing good cholesterol to cells for proper functioning.

It is essential in a wide variety of different health issues. It is considered to be important in memory development and recall as well as for brain development.

It has been linked to treating depression as well as reducing the risks of some brain issues due to aging.

Uses In The Human Body

Phosphatidylcholine contributes to a healthy body

Phosphatidylcholine is used in many different human body systems besides the ones listed above. It is seen as critical to liver health. In fact it may even be able to repair liver damage.

This may be an important medical option for those with hepatitis. In studies on mice it slowed down the damage to the liver from this disease.

Like EPA and DHA as well as astaxanthin it may also work as an effective anti-inflammatory compound in the body.

Studies with use in patients with inflammatory bowel disease have shown positive results. The same benefits have been found in studies with patients suffering from ulcerative colitis.

For many people stopping or slowing down signs of aging is a big concern.

Supplements containing this compound can help keep cell membranes firm and solid. It is also a good antioxidant and helps to reduce the damage of oxidation in the body.

Anti Phospholipid Syndrome

The human immune system is designed to fight off any attacks of the cells of the body by foreign cells.

This can include free radicals or actual viruses, bacteria or disease. Sometimes the immune system actually attacks cells, specifically proteins, which are required in the body.

Anti phospholipid syndrome occurs when this mistake happens. The body begins attacking the proteins in the cells and leads to blood clotting.

This is most often found in the legs and is known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Blood clots may also develop in any major organ of the body.

The symptoms are often very slow to develop and may be missed. Usually symptoms in women include miscarriages or stillbirths as well as blood clots.

Men more commonly have blood clots and cardiovascular disease that leads to the diagnosis. Many people develop a skin rash on the knees and elbows.

Some medications are useful in managing the condition. These include anticoagulants and pain relievers.

Supplements with fish oil can cause serious complications with these medications.

Supplement Help For Anti Phospholipid Syndrome

Krill oil, which does not have the risks with medication, can be effective in supporting recovery from blood clots.

There have been limited studies but they have been positive. It is important to talk to your doctor before starting any supplement if you are using a blood thinner or any other type of prescription medication for blood clots.

Adding the phosphatidylcholine found in krill oil supplements is a good option for giving your body what it needs to stay healthy.

The dosage is just one small capsule per day which can be taken when you want, with or without food.

Testimonials Flag

Ruth, a 77-year-old patient, began to notice tremors, difficulty walking, and frequent falls. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

After only eight days of taking Phosphatidylcholine, her tremors disappeared, her walking became normal, and her movements became more smooth and normal.

Two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys with autism were given four doses of Phosphatidylcholine. Within only 4 days one boy began speaking in full expressive sentences and playing in an appropriate manner.

Both boys improved in motor skills, toilet training, mood control, learning, and speech. Within months both boys were enrolled in a normal pre-school with almost no symptoms.

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