What Are The Most Common
Osteoarthritis Symptoms?

Common Osteoarthritis Symptoms

There are a number of different osteoarthritis symptoms that are common in people of all ages.

As the most common form of arthritis found around the world osteoarthritis is often associated with aging.

However, even younger teens and adults can have early symptoms or more advanced problems.

Most Common Osteoarthritis Symptoms?

Understanding just what is osteoarthritis can help in determining if you are experiencing this health condition.

It is really a gradual wear and tear on the joints of the body that causes pain when the joint moves.

This is because the protective cartilage grinds away, leaving bone on bone contact in the joint.

The erosive nature of the disease means that it cannot be reversed. There are options for prevention, slow down of the damage and pain relief for the affected joints.

One such option is to take advantage of krill oil benefits in keeping joints healthy and moving smoothly.

There are many different causes of osteoarthritis.

These can range from injuries to the joints, often from sports or accidents, as well as bone disease, infections, inflammation and genetic factors.

It is also a sign of aging as the body becomes slower and slower to heal and repair.

Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis Symptoms

The pain that is associated with osteoarthritis can be mild to severe.

It may be a steady, dull pain that spikes when the joint is flexed or bent.

It can also come and go. Often this type of pain is most common when the wear first starts.

The pain is caused when the cartilage, which acts like a slippery surface, wears away.

It can also become dry and rough, causing the joint to grind rather than move smoothly. Literally the joint is degenerating a bit more each time it is used.

Stiffness Associated With Osteoarthritis Symptoms

When joints no longer have that smooth surface it takes more energy to get the joint to bend.

In addition there is greater inflammation due to the rubbing and friction which causes increased stiffness.

Often this is most pronounced in the morning or after resting or sitting in one position for longer periods of time.

Pain and stiffness tend to decrease when you are resting and increase if you are active.

Often osteoarthritis pain relief with over the counter or prescription medications is only mildly to moderately effective once the condition progresses.

Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Symptoms

The great news is that there is a supplement that can both act as a prevention as well as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Krill oil supplements provide the body with the essential fatty acids needed to relieve inflammation and help in slowing down the erosion of the cartilage and bone in the joints.

Krill oil is available online and in many health food and drug stores.

Taking this supplement will help you to move easier and decrease your pain and will also provide a number of additional health benefits.

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