Oregano Oil for Warts: Does It Really Work?

Oregano Oil for Warts: Does It Really Work?

Using oregano oil for warts can be as effective as many popular chemical treatments on the market today.

The first sight of a wart on your hands, feet, or any other part of the body is a reason for concern.

You  may worry that other people will notice this wart and shy away from shaking your hand, but there are some bigger issues to think about.

It’s possible that one wart is the beginning of an outbreak that could easily spread to other areas of your body.

Warts can also become painful, especially if you pick at them a lot and they become infected.

Doctors may not help much if they simply see a single wart, and you may not want to go through the painful process of having it removed.

The solution is to try natural remedies, and oregano oil is the most effective option.

What Is Oregano Oil?

You have probably used oregano in the kitchen, and the oil in those little bottles isn’t much different.

The oil is extracted from oregano leaves and maintains the strong aroma and medicinal components of the herb.

What are those medicinal components?

Oregano is proven to fight against bacteria and infections like staph. It also soothes and nourishes the skin while easing inflammation and irritation.

It is also used to boost the immune system and ease the symptoms of the common cold.

How to Use Oregano Oil for Warts

You can apply oregano oil directly to your warts, but first mix it with organic coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil.

This will dilute the oregano oil so that it is safe for use directly on your skin. A good ratio of oregano oil to coconut or olive oil is 1:8 teaspoons.

You can apply this treatment five or six times each day until you start to see improvements in the size, color and spread of your wart.

This can take some time, so don’t expect immediate results. Consistency in treatment is likely to bring out some changes in your wart.

The Big Question: Does Oregano Oil for Warts Really Work?

This is the ultimate question for anyone trying to get rid of warts.

You have probably wasted time and money on home remedies that did anything but work in the past, but there is hope that this one could at least deliver minor improvements.

For instance, the consistent application of oregano oil should kill bacteria and fight off infection, reducing the risk of your wart spreading to other areas of your body.

There is no guarantee that oregano oil will completely eliminate your wart even after months of use, but this is one treatment that has a track record of working for many other people.

If you mix the oil with coconut or olive oil, you have the added benefit of softening and nourishing your skin while trying to treat the wart.

You can use the treatment for your full hands to heal your skin, so you get something positive out of the treatment even if it doesn’t eliminate your wart.

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