Omega 3 Side Effects:
Do They Exist?

Omega 3 Side Effects: Do They Exist?

Omega 3 side effects are very uncommon and are not at all problematic for most people of all ages and health conditions.

Since there are different types of Omega 3 supplements on the market today buying a reputable brand is important.

Often the problems that are noted are because of low quality in the fish oil processing and source.

Unlike many medications, the side effects noted with these supplements are usually very minimal. These minor little issues certainly don't take away from the Omega 3 benefits that are clinical proven in a variety of different research studies.

Choosing the purest product helps to reduce the issue. Choosing krill oil instead of fish oil supplements is also a very important factor to consider.

As with all supplements it is important to consider dosage when taking any type of Omega 3 product. This includes krill oil, fish oil or plant based oils that are high in essential fatty acids.

Most people that have any type of side effects typically are taking too high of a dose. Lowering the daily dose will often solve the problem. Changing to krill oil will also eliminate the issues mentioned below.

Fishy Taste

By far the most common issue with fish oil is the fishy taste. This is often made worse by increased belching after taking the capsules.

For most people this is minor problem that will self-correct within a few days.

Taking a fish oil supplement just before a meal or keeping the fish oil capsules in the freezer can decrease this problem.

Another option is to change your supplement to Omega 3 krill oil that doesn't produce that fishy taste at all.

Digestive Problems

Plant based Omega 3 products tend to be more likely to cause digestive problems than high quality krill oil. For most individuals a small amount of bloating and feelings of nausea happen when starting the supplement.

For others heartburn or bad breath can also be a problem. This is particularly true when using a plant source for the Omega 3 fatty acids.

Dosages that are higher the recommended amount per day is usually the issue. However, different brands or Omega 3 sources can also cause more problems for some people.

Krill oil tends to have the lowest risk of any type of side effect and is therefore the best option.

Side Effects Mean Low Quality

Most side effects seen with an Omega 3 supplement are directly related to the quality of the product. Poor processing and adding other ingredients to the product creates the problems listed above.

High quality krill oil and fish oil products do not produce these issues.

Pregnant women or people on any type of medication should check in with their doctor before starting any supplement - this will help avoid any Omega 3 side effects.

If you are allergic to shellfish or specific fish or plant products always talk to your doctor and choose the best Omega 3 supplement for your health.

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