Oil Pulling at Night – How Can It Improve Your Dental Health?

Oil Pulling at Night

Oil pulling at night is becoming popular in the detox crowd, but it may also come with a long list of dental benefits. 

From whitening your teeth to fighting tooth decay and gum disease, this is a simple addition to your daily routine that could change your life.

That may seem like a powerful statement, but many dedicated oil pullers would say that it’s true, especially if you believe that it has full-body detox benefits.

While there is little to no scientific proof that oil pulling does anything beneficial at all, even professionals unwilling to validate the claims agree that it can’t hurt.

These naysayers aren’t willing to say that oil pulling will whiten your teeth or eliminate toxins from your body, but they do agree that it can help eliminate some stains on the teeth and may offer benefits that have yet to be validated by scientific research.

Balance that with many people who swear by this simple technique to cure everything from TMJ to bleeding gums, and you see why so many people are now oil pulling at night just in case the benefits are really there.

If you’re curious as to how oil pulling may benefit your mouth, this guide will tell you how it works and how to give it a try.

How Does Oil Pulling at Night Work?

Oil Pulling at Night – How Can It Improve Your Dental Health?

Oil pulling sounds like a complicated process, but it’s actually nothing more than swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes.

You can use sunflower oil, extra-virgin olive oil, or any other plant-sourced oil as long as it’s high-quality oil that was created through safe processing.

Many people recommend coconut oil because you can take advantage of the many proven health benefits that come with that oil.

Some believe that the oil naturally pulls toxins from the body as you swish while others believe that it’s simply a good way to clean and strengthen your teeth and gums.

Either way, you start with one tablespoon of oil and start swishing, making sure to spit the oil out at the end rather than swallowing.

There are many stories online of people throwing up and gagging over the oil at first. This is because you start with one tablespoon of liquid and end up with a mouthful of oil mixed with saliva.

You may want to start with 10 minutes and work toward 20 minutes if you find the process helpful to your dental health.

After you spit the oil out, wash your teeth and mouth as you would normally. You still need to brush your teeth daily to keep plaque from forming on your teeth.

Ready to Give It a Try?

If you already have high-quality coconut oil around the house, you’re ready to give this a try. Before brushing your teeth and heading to bed, take 10 or 20 minutes to swish away.

You can do this while reading a book, relaxing in the tub, or watching television. If you keep up the routine consistently, you will start to notice whiter teeth and a cleaner feeling mouth within a week.

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