Better Nutrition for Kids - Is Their Diet Missing Something Important?

If you want better nutrition for kids in your household, you are not alone.  Many parents are looking for ways to make sure their kids are getting their nutritional needs met

Why is nutrition so important for children?

Nutrition plays a huge role in our health and well-being and especially with children. 

We are what we eat, and if we do not eat the right foods, then our body takes the junk and turns it into fat, and goes through our body devoid of nutrition. 

As children grow their behavior and their health are directly related to the nutrition they consume.

When children do not receive all the vital nutrients they need the result may be malnutrition.  It may not show up as a "skinny" child but may show up in forms of behavioral issues.

  If a child is eating junk foods, they will not be too thin, but their body will lack in nutrition.  The result may show up as aggressive behavior and hyperactivity.  It will also affect their intellect and IQ.

By eating healthy nutritious foods and by taking nutritional supplements we can give the body what it needs to function at optimum levels. 

The immune system is strengthened and able to fight off infections. The brain has the nutrients needed to keep calm and to grow intellectually.

By depriving children of the vital nutrients needed they will be sicker, their behavior will be off, and they will suffer with their intellect. 

It is important that children eat foods high in nutrition, fresh whole vegetables and fruits and lean cuts of meat. 

But it is not always easy to get children to each the right foods, so what is a parent to do in this case?

Nutritional Supplements Help to Close the Gap in Nutrition for Kids

If you cannot get the child to eat all the foods they are supposed to eat to be healthy then you must consider the benefit of nutritional supplements. 

These help to add back those missing nutrients from the diet.  What nutrients are necessary and can be added through a supplement?

All the vitamins such as vitamins A, Bs, C, Ds, E, and K, all minerals and trace minerals and the essential fatty acids. 

Each of these can be derived from eating certain foods, mainly "healthy nutritious foods" and certainly not found in junk foods. 

There are supplements or multi-vitamins, which are formulated just for children. 

These normally contain the right amount of the vitamins that children need on a daily basis.  They can come in chewable or in liquid.

Some of the needed nutrition for kids will not be in the multi-vitamin so additional supplements are needed to make up for the lack of these. 

For example, most multi-vitamins do not contain essential fatty acids, which are vital to health.  Of the essential fatty acids, the omegas are highly important, especially omega 3 fatty acid. 

This particular nutrient is highly beneficial for the brain, in helping children to have a calm disposition, to flourish intellectually, as well as a beneficial nutrient for the cardio vascular system.

How Krill Oil Can Help

Krill oil supplements are the best form of the beneficial omega 3 fatty acid.  Krill oil comes in liquid supplements for children. 

Omega 3 fatty acid is found in few foods such as fish, walnuts, eggs, and flax seeds.  These are foods that are not eaten enough to get the full amount needed on a daily basis. 

For example, very little omega 3 fatty acids are in eggs, just trace amounts, so you would have to consume a lot of eggs each day to get the full days amount of this nutrient. 

Most people do not eat fish daily.  The answer lies in consuming a decent supplement such as krill oil in order to get the optimum amount of this beneficial omega 3 fatty acid nutrient.

Best Omega 3 Supplements for Children

Omega 3 supplements have gained a lot of attention in recent years for helping children focus at school and to excel during extracurricular activities. 

Studies have shown that omega 3 fats improve cognitive functioning. Children who take a daily dosage of an omega 3 supplement have experienced improved memory, a heightened ability to concentrate on tasks, and protection from potential life-threatening disease on the cellular level.

Antarctic krill brings you the most pure form of omega 3’s available.


The best type of omega 3 supplement for children and adults is Antarctic krill oil. Krill look like shrimp, but their tails are rich in omega 3 fats and antioxidants.

Fish oil supplements were popular in the past, but the fear of contamination has pushed more people toward krill oil supplements instead.

Fish oil also has less effective properties then krill oil does. Krill oil is bound to phospholipids and fish oil is bound to bad fat.

Because krill oil has the same properties as your body, it is absorbed much easier and is more effective at getting results.

What to Look for

When purchasing krill oil for children, you must consider the following three factors:

1. Purity

Make sure to select a krill oil supplement that reveals the location where the manufacturer sources krill.

The Antarctic Ocean is the best place to source krill because that ocean is protected by the government; the krill are not wiped out by the fishing industry and the waters remain free of contamination.

Make sure the supplement you purchase is made with pure krill oil from a clean body of water such as the Antarctic Ocean.

2. Form

 Krill oil soft gels are small, but powerful. Most young children can swallow them without any issues. Every child is different, and some will have better results taking more than one soft gel at a time.

Krill oil soft gels are easy, so your kids wont get any negative side effects or aftertaste. 

3. Dosage

Because the body cannot make omega 3’s, taking it on a regular basis will produce the best results. We recommend giving your child a soft gel in the morning and a soft gel in the evening.

there are no side effects from taking our omega 3 krill oil supplements so you can try a higher dose if you feel your not getting the results you desire.

Each child is different; therefore quantities will vary based on your child’s size and their current existing conditions.

If your child is on medicine you may want to check with your family pediatrician or family doctor to ensure you give your child enough krill oil to benefit them most effectively.  

Krill oil has one more perk that parents and children appreciate: it does not have the strong aftertaste that comes with fish oil supplements.

Most people find that their breath does not stink, as it might with some other types of supplements, so this is a more pleasant way to give your child the benefits of an omega 3 daily supplement.

With krill soft gels there is no fishy aftertaste. 

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