Five Natural Ways to
Lower Cholesterol

Five Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

If you are looking for natural ways to lower cholesterol, there are five effective ways to get started.

1.  Cut back on certain foods.  Cut back on the meat you eat.  A lot of meat is high in fat and this fat transfers to the body and blood stream and promotes the growth of cholesterol in the blood. 

Eat lean cuts, cut back on beef, lamb, and pork, and choose poultry and fish instead.  The same goes for junky snack foods. 

Any food made with processed flours and refined sugars are bad and full of trans fats.  Instead, choose healthy snacks like popcorn, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit. 

Even dried fruit is good.  Cut back on salt and salty foods, because salt contributes to high blood pressure and that goes hand in hand with cardiovascular issues.

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

2.  Foods to avoid.  Avoid whole dairy products and opt for the low fat versions instead.  Do not use anything with saturated fat such as certain cooking oils and margarines. 

Instead use cooking sprays and try to cook foods in a manner that does not require oil for frying.  Steamed, baked, and roasted are better alternatives. 

Choose healthier oils like olive, canola, sunflower, corn, peanut, and soybean.

3.  Reduce these foods in diet.  This is a no-brainer, but certain foods contain high amounts of cholesterol.  Reduce the amount eaten to optimize the chance of lowering the cholesterol levels. 

Foods like eggs and meat contain cholesterol; just eat these in lower moderation.  Foods such as livers, kidneys, and brains are high in cholesterol and should be avoided. 

Reduce or stop drinking alcohol.  If you drink alcohol, drink just one serving a day, but no more than that.

4.  Increase these foods.  Believe it or not, certain foods actually aid the body in naturally lowering cholesterol so eating these foods is necessary. 

Fiber from whole grains is good, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.  Nuts are very nutritious and contain fiber. 

Nuts also contain good oils to help fight high cholesterol just like fish, which is why fish is also very beneficial to the diet. 

A great supplement to take to give similar benefits to the fish oil is krill oil, which is recommended over fish oil as a natural cholesterol-lowering supplement.

5.  Be proactive.  Take charge of your health by knowing what you are putting into your mouth. 

Find natural ways to lower cholesterol by reading the labels and avoid foods and ingredients as discussed above that are detrimental to your health. 

Changing your lifestyle habits will help in creating a healthier you and may help to avoid taking medications.

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