Best Natural Supplements for High Cholesterol 

Best Natural Supplements for High Cholesterol

Before you take just ignore your doctor or take a prescription, did you know that there are natural supplements for high cholesterol that really work?

Warnings about Cholesterol

Have you ever blown off your doctor’s stern warnings about your high cholesterol levels?

Many people are rather passive when they hear that their cholesterol is out of control or that they have high blood pressure because they assume that everyone struggles with these issues as they get older.

This is a dangerous attitude because there are serious complications that come along with high cholesterol, including a heart attack and stroke.

The problem is that most doctors recommend statin drugs to treat high cholesterol levels, and there are many side effects that may come along with those prescription medications.

These drugs are highly effective when used for this purpose, but they may also make it more difficult for you to think clearly, digest food comfortably and enjoy an active lifestyle without muscular pain.

This is why most people now seek out natural supplements for high cholesterol  either as an alternative to statins or as a supplementary effort.

If you’ve tried prescription medications and don’t like how they make you feel, you may want to discuss some of these natural remedies with your doctor.

If you simply want to limit your risk of developing high cholesterol in the future, then starting with any of these supplements right away is a great idea.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Lower Triglycerides

The fact that fish oil protects the heart, increases physical and mental energy, and improves cognitive functioning is old news at this point.

What you may not know is that krill oil has been proven an even more effective source of omega-3 fatty acids when lowering cholesterol levels is your main goal.

Studies have shown that krill oil can deliver heightened results in a shorter period of time, making it a better alternative to most fish oil supplements as one of the best natural supplements for high cholesterol

You can buy krill oil in capsules, so it’s not necessary to include a lot of cold-water fish in your diet if it doesn’t fit naturally into your lifestyle.

The supplement will help lower your triglyceride levels so that your good and bad cholesterol levels are more balanced, reducing your risk of heart problems significantly.

Barley to Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides

There is some strong evidence that including barley in your diet can lower your triglycerides as well as LDL cholesterol levels, and the natural fiber will support your digestive system as well.

The benefits come from the soluble fiber found in the barley, so you may want to explore other food sources that can provide this healthy fiber as well.

Even if you don’t make other big changes in your diet, just eating barley regularly can make a difference in your overall cholesterol levels without complicating your situation with side effects.

Flaxseed to Lower Cholesterol

Have you seen those bags of ground flaxseed in the grocery store?

Next time you walk down that aisle, pick a bag up and find creative ways to incorporate it into your meals.

Studies have shown that routine consumption of flaxseed can lower cholesterol levels, and it can also help lower your blood pressure.

That’s a double benefit, since high blood pressure is another risk factor for heart disease.

You can incorporate this supplement into your regular meals along with barley, and there are limited potential side effects.

Other natural food sources that may help lower your cholesterol include green tea and oat bran.

The more you focus on consuming a healthy diet, the more you’re likely to see improvements in your cholesterol as well as your blood pressure.

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