Best Natural Supplements for High Blood Pressure

The best natural supplements for high blood pressure can not only help your heart, they may also help improve your overall health.

Best Natural Supplements for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often associated with heart complications, but many people live with hypertension for years without even realizing it.

Others may have occasional blood pressure spikes in response to stressful situations, but they may not know that the symptoms experienced are attributed to their blood pressure.

Living under continuous stress can lead to a serious case of hypertension that puts your life at risk.

A high blood pressure reading is a sign that your heart is working overtime to keep the blood flowing through your veins, and arteries throughout your body are functioning under distress.

If this continues for a long period of time, your heart and other primary organs will suffer from narrowed blood vessels and other complications.

Without proper treatment, high blood pressure often contributes to a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, heart failure or other organ failures.

Common Treatments for Hypertension

Most doctors take two approaches to treat high blood pressure:

Prescription medications. There are many uncomfortable side effects that come along with most of these medications, so they may interfere with your quality of life.

You may also have to cycle through multiple medications before you find one that works well for you.

In many cases, lifestyle adjustments and natural supplements are combined with medication for maximum effectiveness.

Lifestyle adjustments. If you consume a lot of salty foods, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use any kind of recreational drug or show up to a highly stressful job day after day, there’s a good chance that your lifestyle is elevating your blood pressure.

Simple measures like drinking more water and green tea, exercising regularly or practicing meditation can make a significant difference.

You should try to select the healthiest foods available to you at least 80 percent of the time, allowing for a salty or sweet treat occasionally.

Substituting water for high-calorie sodas, fresh fruit for sugary sweets and lean poultry for red meat will make it easier to achieve that goal.

You can also reduce your salt intake dramatically by cooking at home from natural, fresh ingredients.

Processed foods and fast food meals are almost always loaded with preservatives that contain a lot of sodium.

You can also look into the Dash Diet, which is a scientifically-backed way of eating that naturally lowers blood pressure through the consumption of an almost-vegetarian diet.

Omega 3 Natural Supplements for High Blood Pressure

While you’re giving your diet an overhaul, add some cold-water fish to your menu at least three days a week.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in some fish can naturally lower your blood pressure while offering protection against a long list of additional health risks.

If you don’t want to consume salmon, tuna and other fish on a consistent basis, you can take a fish oil or krill oil supplement as one of the great natural supplements for high blood pressure.

This will also reduce your risk of consuming toxic metals and other contaminations along with your omega-3 fatty acids.

Other Hypertension Supplements to Try

When looking for the best natural supplements for high blood pressure , there is also some scientific evidence that Coenzyme Q10, otherwise known as CoQ10, can lower blood pressure while providing energy and antioxidants that protect your heart and other organs.

Some people also swear by supplements that combine a long list of natural plant extracts to create an effective treatment for hypertension.

Balance3 is one of the most popular options if you want to explore a mixed supplement.

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