Natural Supplements for Dry Eyes vs. Eye Drops 

Natural Supplements for Dry Eyes vs. Eye Drops

Do natural supplements for dry eyes work as well as eye drops?  Here are the results we found.

It only takes a second to tilt your head back and apply eye drops for fast relief of itchy, dry eyes.

Supplements like fish oil and vitamin E are typically taken once a day, but you may have to wait a couple weeks or longer to really see the benefits.

It’s easy to assume that eye drops are the best way to go due to their immediate impact on your symptoms, but you don’t want to rule out natural supplements for dry eyes.

There are some drawbacks to using eye drops that you may not know about, and natural supplements are far more powerful than many people realize.

The Ups & Downs of Eye Drops

Eye drops can provide fast relief of your dry eye symptoms, but they aren’t all as healthy for your eyes as you may assume.

Many are made with preservatives and harsh chemicals that you shouldn’t apply to your eyes more than three or four times a day, if you want to trust them at all.

Drops that are made without harsh chemicals are often lighter, but they may not provide the long-term relief that you really need.

The end result is a nonstop process of applying drops throughout the day to keep your eyes reasonably comfortable.

If your dry eyes interfere with your daily life and prevent you from completing tasks in a timely manner, then it is a good idea to keep eye drops on hand.

Look for drops with natural ingredients, and read the label to determine how many times you can safely use the drops each day.

Formulas without preservatives and unnecessary chemicals are the best options for your long-term eye health.

Natural Supplements for Dry Eyes

The three natural supplements for dry eyes most commonly recommended can all be used together:

Fish oil and flaxseed oil help because they’re potent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and they’re believed to help fight serious eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration due to age.

Vitamin E is a common companion to fish oil supplements and is proving to have a powerful impact on eye health in its own way.

While eye drops provide instant relief for dry eyes, these supplements are your long-term strategy for relief.

You can take a fish oil supplement daily while adding ground flaxseed to your salads, smoothies and cereal.

You may find that this reduces your need for eye drops over time, or you will at least need fewer drops to keep your eyes comfortable during the day.

Putting It All Together

You can compare the benefits of eye drops and natural supplements for dry eyes, but the best treatment plan will incorporate both of these treatment options.

Your goal is to need as few drops as possible and then to use the healthiest, most natural drops that you can find when they are needed.

Supplements can help you meet that goal by naturally relieving the symptoms of dry eyes while potentially stimulating the production of more tears.

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