Most Common Natural
Remedies for PMS

Common Natural 
Remedies for PMS

It is no wonder people want natural remedies for PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome can be pure agony for many women twelve times a year.

Approximately one or two weeks before the start of active menstrual bleeding, some women suffer from aches and pains, headaches, cramping, bloating and abdominal pain.

The physical pain is sometimes intensified by anxiety, mood swings, depression, fatigue, and emotional breakdowns that may include crying over small things that do not normally warrant tears.

Get Some Sleep!

For some women, these PMS symptoms are exacerbated by insomnia.

The lack of sleep will drive any human to many of the emotional symptoms listed above, but women suffering sleep deprivation on top of those symptoms end up with more intense symptoms and less ability to handle the emotions and pain.

If you or someone you love suffers even occasionally, it is time to fight the pain and prevent emotional breakdowns from interfering with your life.

You do not want to dope yourself up on prescription medication, but you can safely use natural remedies to control and alleviate your worst PMS symptoms.

Try Krill Oil Supplements

Krill oil is relied upon to protect the heart and brain while eliminating inflammation throughout the body, but studies have shown benefits from women suffering from PMS as well. 

To get full effects, you should take a pure krill oil supplement on a daily basis, not just during that week or two of pain and emotional turmoil.

Studies show that you should feel less aches and pains with a healthy daily dose of krill oil, but many women experience greater emotional balance during those critical PMS months as well. 

It can be one of the most effective natural remedies for PMS for many women.

A Healthy Diet Can Do Wonders

Adjust your diet can also be one of the more effective natural remedies for PMS.

Studies have shown that women who suffer from intense PMS tend to have lower levels of calcium in their bodies than women who experience fewer PMS symptoms.

You can increase your calcium levels by taking a supplement or by increasing your consumption of low fat or nonfat dairy products that are rich in calcium.

Balance the calcium by providing your body with all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to feel its best and function to its full potential.

You do this by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein, and whole grains.

Drinking at least ten glasses of water each day can help reduce abdominal bloating as well.

Try to stay away from foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and salt.

These foods will intensify the abdominal bloating and aches and pains felt throughout your body.

Easy Movements Will Really Help

It seem natural to hole up under the covers and curl in a ball when the cramps kick in and you just feel like crying, but that is the worst thing you can do to relieve your PMS symptoms.

You can give your mood a pick-up by getting outdoors in the sunshine, and you can relieve the aches and pains with light stretching, yoga, or a simple walk around the block.

You do not need to fight the pain and run five miles a day if that doesn’t feel natural to you, but you should make some effort to get outside and remain active despite the physical discomforts of PMS.

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