Top 10 Natural Remedies for Depression

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Depression

Natural remedies for depression come in many forms and can be very effective for many people who suffer from the difficult symptoms of the illness.

Here are some ways to fight depression naturally:

1.  Eating foods rich in omega 3 - omega 3 occurs naturally in walnuts, flaxseeds, canola oil, seafood and certain margarines are fortified with it. 

Omega 3 is also in supplement form in fish oil, flaxseed and krill oil capsules. 

Krill oil also gives antioxidants, which helps to boost the immune system and krill oil is gentler to the digestive system.

2.  Exercise.  When the body is physically active it releases endorphins, which is a feel good substance.    Have you heard of the "runners high?" 

This occurs during a good run, and the runner experiences a high, a lift in their moods.  The same thing occurs with good exercise.  I

t is beneficial to work out for at least half an hour, three times a week to gain this benefit.  Working out daily also helps.

3.  Yoga.  Yoga has long been a form of physical exercise that transcends to both physical and mental, helping to gain a strong focus. 

It combines stretches and relaxation with positive affirmations and it gives a general good feeling overall. 

4.  Laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine is so true.  Laughter has shown to help those with grave illnesses to overcome them, and it is because laughter, like exercise, helps the body to release endorphins. 

This stands true for helping to stave off the blues as one of the  natural remedies for depression as well.

5.  Eat chocolate.  Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and gives the feeling of "being in love" - or a general high to the moods. 

As a mood lifter, it helps to treat depression naturally.

6.   Eat citrus fruits.  Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and this helps to boost the metabolism. 

A depressed person experiences a sluggish metabolism, which is why they would rather to sleep.  But with a boost in energy comes a boost in moods as well and depression lifts.

7.  Acupuncture.  This is an ancient form of oriental medicine or treatment where tiny needles are inserted in key points within the body. 

The thought is the needles help to clear out these "centers" thus enabling the parts of the body to function better. 

There are locations that help to treat the brain and acupuncture is used to naturally treat depression. 

8.  Vitamin B complex.  This is another set of nutrients that helps to boost the metabolism, as discussed above, which aids the body in feeling better, happier, and not depressed. 

9.  Ginkgo Biloba.  This herb works with brain function, and aids the brain to retain better memories, helps to produce "clear thoughts."  This helps to lift depression.

10.  Magnesium.  This helps to stimulate parts of the brain, especially working on the areas that produce depression. 

This is good for chemical imbalances in the brain, as it works with positive impulses.  It is a good natural anxiety fighter too.

Bonus: Taking omega 3 krill oil will have a wonderful effect on the brain. You will have less stress and less anxiety, etc.

When given to prisoners, krill oil showed a 37% dramatic reduction in depression. Start taking krill oil today! You will be glad you did. 

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 1. Prisoners given supplements in new trial

By Shane Starling, 09-Sep-2008

An Oxford University study being conducted in three UK prisons is investigating the link between nutrition and behaviour.

2. Aggressive Prisoners Found Low in Omega 3's. 

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