Top Natural Remedies for Constipation in Adults

Top Natural Remedies for Constipation in Adults

There are some natural remedies for constipation in adults that work amazingly well without drugs or chemicals.

There are some natural remedies for constipation in adults that work amazingly well without drugs or chemicals.

The occasional bout of constipation is enough for most people, but what happens when this problem is a routine occurrence?

The pain and discomfort of holding in waste is enough to interrupt your daily life and push you to the drug store in search of any drug able to get the flow moving out of your system again.

You also have to strain more during bowel movements when you’re constipated, and you may spend some time pushing for little to no reward.

This can lead to hemorrhoids and other constipation complications. It’s best to deal with this condition swiftly so that your risk of additional discomfort is minimized.

Check Your Diet

Constipation is often a response to your food selection, the amount of food that you consume, or your fluid intake.

You need to consume a lot of fiber and water every day to ensure that your body can easily push waste out of your body, so start by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Switch soda and other sugary drinks with naturally flavored water. You can also consume green and herbal teas.

Supplement with Flaxseed

These small seeds are one of the most potent forms of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids available today, and you can choose from softened seeds, ground seeds and flaxseed oil.

This allows you to naturally include this superfood into your diet without significantly changing your daily routines.

The Mayo Clinic suggest mixing up to 3 tablespoons of seed into a large glass of water and drinking for the relief of constipation.

You can also purchase fiber supplements that are based on flax, and mixing flaxseed oil into your food may help for long-term relief.

Milk the Magnesium

The next time you head to the pharmacy in search of a little relief, look for supplements based on magnesium citrate.

This is one of the most effective over-the-counter treatments for constipation, and you can keep it in the bathroom for fast relief whenever this condition strikes.

Just make sure that you discuss the use of this and any other supplement with your doctor if you have a medical condition that may worsen with routine use.

What’s Causing Your Constipation?

While you can use these treatments to relieve constipation occasionally, you want to visit your doctor if this becomes a routine problem.

Constipation may exhibit as a complication or symptom of a more serious medical condition, and your doctor may have some insight into other ways to relieve the problem while treating the underlying condition.

You also want your doctor to have a complete picture of your health so that they can take issues like this into consideration when prescribing other medications in the future.

In many cases, chronic constipation does stem directly from the food and fluids consumed on a daily basis.

You may want to keep a food journal for a couple weeks to get an honest overview of what you’re putting into your body on a routine basis. 

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