Natural PMS Relief

Natural PMS Relief

Finding natural PMS relief is now easier than ever for women. In the past PMS symptoms, including joint and muscle pain, bloating and cramping was treated with various medications.

These medications may be over the counter pain killers or those prescribed by a doctor.

Natural PMS Relief

Taking over the counter pain killers does create health risks. Studies show that chronic use of these medications can lead to kidney and liver problems, upset stomach and allergic reactions.

These symptoms may develop slowly in some people and more rapidly in others.

Prescription pain kills can have even greater risks with continual use. These include stomach bleeding, risks of heart attack or stroke, vomiting and addiction issues.

In addition prescription medication, like store options, can conflict with other medications you may be taking.

These medications are typically not recommended for ongoing use. This makes them less that ideal for managing significant PMS symptoms.

Some women are also prescribed birth control pills as a way to control the symptoms of PMS. While this can be very effective some women have side effects.

Another drawback to this option is that it cannot be used if you are trying to conceive.

A Better Option

A completely natural option for treating PMS symptoms is now available without the need of any type of prescription.

It is Krill oil, a sustainable, natural option that is available online. It is free from any additives and is not linked to any of the side effects listed above.

Krill oil is produced by harvesting and extracting the oil from Northern Krill. Krill is a form of small marine life that looks very much like a tiny shrimp.

They are the major food source for the giant whales and many other marine animals. Krill live in the northern waters where there is little contamination.

This fact makes Krill oil a much purer product than traditional fish oils.

Krill Supplement Benefits

One reason that research shows that women experience pain and PMS symptoms is because of low Omega 3 levels in their body.

This is very typical of anyone eating a western style of diet. When Omega 3 levels are low the neurotransmitters in the brain as well as all the cells in the body are not functioning at top level.

Krill oil Omega 3s, specifically the phospholipid structure, actually improves the brains ability to increase the class of brain chemicals that increase mood.

These include serotonin and GABA, which are typically very low in people with mood disorders.

By boosting or supporting the brain's ability to use and produce these chemicals the entire central nervous system is stronger. This results in less pain over the entire body.

In addition to working to support the brain and nervous system, Krill oil also provides antioxidants.

The antioxidants are used throughout the body to keep cells working and remove damaged cells.

This helps your body stay healthy without the immune system becoming overworked and depleted.

Krill oil supplements are a very simple addition to the daily health routine.

They are effective in research studies in providing natural PMS relief from a wide range of symptoms.

They are linked to increasing heart health, dropping bad cholesterol levels and assisting in weight loss and control.

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Natural PMS Relief

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