How to Create a Natural Health Pharmacy at Home

How to Create a Natural Health Pharmacy at Home

Why create a natural health pharmacy at home? Most people have a mini pharmacy in their home, but the products include over-the-counter medications loaded with unnecessary chemicals, sweeteners, and filler ingredients. 

If you want to stop wasting money on cold syrups, allergy pills, and other store-bought products, consider building a natural pharmacy.

There was once a time when at-home medication was sourced from herbs, wholesome foods, and essential oils, and those all-natural remedies work just as well today as they did in the past.

Essential Oils for Better Health

This is the easiest place to start because essential oils are readily available online and are easily used to cure everything from stomachaches and allergies to skin rashes and the common cold.

You can start with essential oil starter kits that contain 10 or more oils in one kit, or you can purchase individual oils that meet specific needs for your household.

Some of the more versatile essential oils that should be included in every natural health home pharmacy include:

You will also need small oil bottles to create your own mixtures. Carrier oils like coconut oil are important as well.

Herbs & Spices for Your Natural Health Pharmacy

Herbal treatments are so powerful that doctors need to know when their patients are taking them regularly.

This is because some herbs can impact the effectiveness of prescription medications or may cause interactions and negative side effects.

People have been using herbs and spices for thousands of years to lower blood pressure, control cholesterol levels, and treat a variety of medical conditions.

You can easily grow many of these herbs on your kitchen windowsill or in a container garden, and some of the most powerful spices are readily available in the grocery store and online.

Here are some of the most powerful and versatile herbs and spices to include in your natural health pharmacy at home:

This list could go on and on because there are so many amazing herbs with great healing power. Start with those that you have an immediate use for and branch out from there.

Basic Supplies

You will need some supplies that allow you to mix and apply your homemade medicines. Here is a short list of items that you may eventually need to include:

  • Beeswax (commonly used in homemade salves and balms)
  • Cheesecloth (commonly used to strain herbs)
  • Glass spray bottles
  • Glass jars in a variety of sizes
  • Raw honey (used as a base for many homemade syrups and medications)

If you can’t afford to invest in a full natural health pharmacy immediately, you’re not alone. Most people consider this a long-term project.

Start researching recipes for at-home remedies that are useful to members of your household.

As you gather the ingredients for natural solutions to allergies, colds, and other common ailments, you will see your pharmacy grow.

Eventually, you won’t have to buy anything to make someone you love feel better.

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