Natural Astaxanthin

There are several major health benefits to taking natural astaxanthin as part of a supplement routine. There are no known side effects to using krill oil. It is healthy and affordable source natural astaxanthin product for most people.

It is generally considered safe for everyone. As with any type of supplement it is important to check in with your doctor if you take any medications. This is also a good idea if you have a known health condition.

Very rarely krill oil or fish oil, not specifically astaxanthin, is not a good idea. This is true if you are allergic to seafood or shellfish or if you are taking specific types of medications. These include blood thinners and some types of weight loss medications. The chance of an issue is very low but checking in with your doctor will give you peace of mind.

While there is synthetic astaxanthin on the market it is not as effective as the natural sources of the compound. This is because the synthetic process actually creates a lot of different types of the antioxidant, not all which can be used effectively in the body. Synthetic production is typically used for feeding animals and fish that are farmed.

Why Is Krill Oil High in Astaxanthin?

Krill, the small little marine animals eaten by whales and other sea life, are one of the best sources of natural astaxanthin. The krill are rich in this compound because they feed on very tiny algae known as microalgae.

The microalgae is found in very deep, cold waters that are as close to pristine as the oceans on this planet can possibly be. When the krill feed on the microalgae it actually concentrates the amount of astaxanthin in the larger organism.

When krill is harvested and the oil extracted, the astaxanthin, which is found in the lipids of each cell, is further concentrated. Instead of having to eat pounds and pounds of krill you can simply take a highly concentrated krill oil supplement.

What Is Astaxanthin?

Natural astaxanthin

There are a range of different foods that actually contain astaxanthin, just in smaller quantities than what you need for health. It is carotenoids that give many foods their colors. Virtually any red, yellow or orange food has carotenoids.

Sources of different types of carotenoids include carrots, tomatoes, corn, squash and so on. These are of one class known as carotenes.

The other class of carotenoids, and the ones that are stronger and more effective for human consumption, are the xanthophylls. These are the carotenoids that are most easily and effectively used by the human body.

All animals, including humans, have to eat carotenoids in their food. They cannot be made in the body but they can be converted into different forms in the body. This is what the tiny krill does, taking a good source of astaxanthin and making it great.

Dietary Problems In Modern Times

Today people simply don't eat enough carotenoids in their diets anymore. It would take multiple servings of red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables each day to get the number of carotenoids necessary. In addition the amount of the astaxanthin would still be very low.

The solution to this problem is to add a simple supplement that is rich in astaxanthin. Krill oil is the perfect option since it is one small capsule a day that is safe, effective and very easy to take.

By adding natural astaxanthin through a daily krill oil supplement you will help to rid your body of free radicals, fight inflammation and also help to keep your immune system active and functioning at top levels.

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