Astaxanthin in it's Natural Form


There are several major health benefits to taking natural astaxanthin as part of a supplement routine.

There are no known side effects from getting your astaxanthin through taking a high quality krill oil supplement.

It's a healthy and effective source of natural astaxanthin for most people.


Astaxanthin occurs naturally in certain algae. It causes the pink pigmentation in flamingos, salmon, shrimp and other seafood and wildlife that feed on the algae.

Krill also feed on this algae/plankton on the bottom of icebergs in the Antarctic Ocean. 

Astaxanthin is part of the Beta Carotene family and is a carotenoid. On the Orac Chart astaxanthin can fight free radicals 6,000 times higher then vitamin C, and 550 times higher then vitamin E, and 40 times higher then beta carotene!

You could say astaxanthin is the "king of the carotenoids". 

Because our bodies need carotenoids, astaxanthin is a great source to get it from. Although you can eat small quantities of carotenoids from red, yellow or orange food sources like: carrots, tomatoes, corn, squash, etc.

The stronger and more effective carotenoids come from xanthophyll's. These are the carotenoids that are most easily and effectively used by the human body.

Unless you eat numerous amounts of fruits and vegetables daily, your astaxanthin levels will be very low. 

Krill Oil and Astaxanthin To The Rescue

You can get astaxanthin by itself as a health supplement. One problem is that astaxanthin must be taken with fatty acids for it to be absorbed by the body.

Taken by itself, astaxanthin will most likely go straight through you wasting your money. 

A high quality omega 3 krill oil supplement usually contains a naturally occurring 1.5 mg of astaxanthin per 1,000 mg, or (2 soft gels).

The power of astaxanthin found naturally in krill oil with the additional omega 3 fatty acids and phospholipids, makes taking krill oil an optimal choice.

The astaxanthin in krill will be absorbed more easily because it's taken with fatty acids in the same soft gel, and also in it's natural state. 

Natural astaxanthin


Krill are small crustations that live in the Antarctic Ocean and feed on the algae/plankton known as microalgae.

Because the krill feed on the microalgae, it actually concentrates the amount of astaxanthin in the larger organism.

When the krill are harvested and the oil  extracted, the astaxanthin, which is found in the lipids of each cell, is further concentrated.

Now you are getting a pure, rich source of naturally occurring astaxanthin. 


Research has shown astaxanthin to be a potent super antioxidant. A simple description of an antioxidant is that it stops oxidation in cells. 

If you have ever left metal outside, you will see oxidation. It is what we call rust. Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with metal. 

It is the same thing that happens when a piece of fruit discolors after being exposed to the air. 

There is oxygen in the human body and it is required by every cell. As the oxygen is used in the cell, it creates what is known as oxidative stress.

This is noted by the presence of free radicals, which are harmful to normal healthy cells. 

The great news is this: Because of how pure and compatible omega 3 krill oil is with the human body, the krill oil (to include astaxanthin), can cross into the blood brain barrier!

This makes taking krill oil a great choice for anyone suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, depression, etc. 


Benefits of Astaxanthin for your Health

There are amazing astaxanthin benefits in taking a regular daily krill oil capsule.

Astaxanthin continues to be linked in medical research and practice to a wide range of different prevention and treatment issues.

These cover a range of different diseases and conditions.

As with all types of supplements, there are different purities found in the astaxanthin offered on the market. The best source according to many researchers is all natural krill oil.

It is important to choose krill oil over fish oil as fish oil contains little if any astaxanthin.

Getting rid of those nasty free radicals, the result of oxidation in the body, is the main role of all antioxidants.

They bind with these harmful free radicals and move them out of your system.

This prevents them from binding with healthy cells and causing inflammation and disease.

Free radicals are also a key factor in skin aging. By keeping the free radicals in your body at a normal level your immune system works effectively.

In today's pollution filled world the free radical production is just more than many immune systems can manage. 


There are some commercial astaxanthin supplements that recommend a 10 milligram a day supplement. However, since these formulas do not have the astaxanthin in a lipid it is not as effectively absorbed.

Taking a krill oil supplement will provide you with the daily dosage of astaxanthin in a highly absorbable form. This is because the astaxanthin can be easily absorbed with the lipid.

It is immediately ready for use by the cells. This also takes all the guesswork out of trying to decide how much astaxanthin you need per day.

Taking 2 krill oil soft gels a day - 500 mg each, will give you about 1.5 mg of astaxanthin. (Make sure you only buy high quality krill oil).


Astaxanthin works at the cellular level in your body. Often within a week or two of starting a krill oil supplement you will notice a change in your body. This can be profound or subtle depending on your current health level.

One of the first things that most people note is that joint pains and muscle aches are often greatly reduced. This is because the astaxanthin works as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Many people have chronic inflammation and have just learned to live with the symptoms. Once it is managed they feel almost young again.

Other factors you may notice is a gradual increase in skin elasticity. This may come with a decrease in skin discoloration and what are often known as age-spots.

Individuals with diabetes may notice a decrease in the symptoms of neuropathy as well as less chronic infections and inflammations.

Blood pressure can be reduced and the entire immune system boosted with a daily supplement.

Long term results can include increased range of motion in joints, decrease in the risk of certain types of cancers and eye disease as well as better protection for your skin from exposure to the sun.


Dr. Suzy Cohen who has been a pharmacist for about 30 years now, has done some research on astaxanthin. She has a great video about it on YouTube I highly recommend. She lists 3 main benefits of taking astaxanthin: 

  1. Take astaxanthin for anything that starts with "Itis" to include: pancreatitis, tendinitis,  planters fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, etc. 

she says "This is because it helps relieve all the swelling and inflammation associated with these mentioned conditions".

     2. Take astaxanthin if your a diabetic: According to Dr. Cohen, astaxanthin can penetrate the tissues of the pancrease and repair your beta cells. Since your beta cells produce your body's insulin, this is big news! 

     3. Attention athletes: Astaxanthin will give you energy and help you recover faster! 



It has never been easier to tap into the amazing astaxanthin benefits for your entire body. Taking a krill oil supplement daily, really can make a huge difference in your health. 

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