Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits and Uses for Your Health

Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits and Uses for Your Health

Even those who love essential oils often are not aware of all these myrrh essential oil benefits and uses.

While many essential oils are derived from plant leaves, roots, berries, and flowers, myrrh is a bit different.

It is extracted from a natural resin produced by the Comephorid Myrrha tree. This sap is mostly collected from the Middle East and Africa, which is where this tree grows for the most part.

You may think of myrrh as one of the gifts carried by the three wise men in the Bible, but it’s also well known for the interesting knots that are formed by the trunk of each tree.

The many benefits of the sap produced from the tree gives you just one more reason to celebrate life with myrrh.

How to Use and Enjoy Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits

Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Myrrh was traditionally used as a food spice and in perfumes due to its sweet fragrance, which is often characterized as a bit smoky or slightly bitter.

It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics and is known as a powerful antioxidant.

Researchers are even testing this oil for potential cancer-fighting properties, which could make myrrh more popular in modern times than it was in Biblical times.

Traditional Chinese medicine still uses myrrh to heal wounds, and it was once used to treat hay fever and other illness.

The spice was also used in the embalming process in Egypt and other areas of the world.

Some of the more common uses for myrrh today include:

  • Reduce the risk of infection in minor rashes or skin irritations
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Heal dry or cracked skin
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation

You can place a couple drops of myrrh essential oil on a soft towel or compress and place it directly on your skin to prevent infection, reduce swelling, or calm irritation.

Make sure to test it on a small patch of skin before applying to a larger area of skin.

In aromatherapy, myrrh is commonly associated with relaxation and the reduction of stress or fatigue.

It is commonly added to skincare and beauty products, and you can drop a couple drops in your bath water when you need to destress.

If you appreciate the sweet aroma, you may also diffuse it at home or in the office to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits for Wellness

If we were to assign a superpower to myrrh, it would be the ability to stop the spread of infection.

It has been proven to stop the growth and spread of microbes in animals, which is why it’s being tested for its ability to fight the spread of cancer.

You may also use it to combat colds, the flu, food poisoning, and the onset of infection in open wounds.

Some people also use myrrh to combat hair loss because it can strengthen the roots of individual hair when included in hair care products.

It also has the ability to smooth skin, so it’s a great ingredient for your homemade moisturizer and lotion.

Finally, you can use myrrh to help with digestive issues and to reduce the flow of blood.

It was traditionally used to prevent excess blood loss, but this is one of the many uses that aren’t used as often in the modern world.

There are more effective ways to stop the flow of blood, but you may still find myrrh useful for your hair and skin.

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