Lavender Oil for Hair Growth- Does it Really Work? 

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth- Does it Really Work?

While you may already use lavender for many things, did you know that many are now using lavender oil for hair growth and re-growth?

You may plant lavender in your garden or flower beds for the light, sweet scent that they bring to your outdoor living space.

If you’ve ever snipped off some of the flowers and placed them in a vase to bring a burst of purple color and that soothing scent into your home, you may already know some of the benefits that come from inhaling lavender oil

This oil is created naturally from the lavender plant. The oil form opens up more options for application, including dabbing it onto your wrists when you need to relax or distributing it into your air through a diffuser or humidifier.

If you’re concerned about hair loss, then adding it to your shampoo and conditioner or rubbing it directly into your scalp could help bring back the thick, healthy hair that you dream about.

Where’s the Proof?

It may seem too simplistic to rub a sweet-scented oil on your scalp and expect to see  reduction in hair loss or even an increase in hair growth.

Many essential oils aren’t heavily researched and the claims made about them are largely unsubstantiated, but that’s not the case with lavender oil for hair growth.

One study conducted on more than 80 patients at a dermatology clinic found that a mixture of lavender, cedarwood, thyme, and rosemary with grapeseed and jojoba carrier oils was effective at stimulating hair growth.

The study broke the participants up into a control group that massaged their scalps with only the carrier oils and a group that massaged their scalps with the full blend.

Pictures taken by dermatologists monitoring the participants showed hair growth in more than 40% of the patients receiving the full blend. Only 15% of the control group showed substantial results.

It’s important to note that participants in this study massaged the oil into their scalp daily.

Research has shown that therapeutic massage can stimulate hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp.

When you combine massage with lavender oil, you’re more likely to see great results from lavender oil for hair growth.

Will Lavender Oil for Hair Growth Work for You?

Participants in the study mentioned above were all suffering from a medical condition called Alopecia Aerate.

There are other reasons that you may experience hair loss, and not all Alopecia patients respond to the same treatments.

There’s no guarantee that lavender oil will help you stop hair loss or increase hair growth, but it is a natural treatment that won’t hurt your scalp if you decide to give it a try.

This is a treatment that you must repeat consistently over a period of weeks, months, possibly even years.

It may not take that long to see results, but you want to improve the results with time.

If you can find someone else to give your scalp the daily massage, you’ll also benefit from the relaxation and stress relief that also come from aromatherapy sessions with lavender.

If you use the blend of oils utilized by dermatologists in the study, you can turn your massages into a daily aromatherapy session that soothes you to sleep at the end of each day or that centers your mind at the start of the day.

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