Five Reasons to Take Omega 3 Krill Supplements Vs Fish Oil

Krill Omega 3 supplements have benefits that fish oil does not. 

If you are currently taking a fish oil supplement, here are five compelling reasons to consider swapping out the fish oil for krill oil supplements instead.

Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil

1.  Omega 3 krill oil has the same omega 3 fatty acid found in regular fish but there is one major difference. 

The krill oil absorbs a lot better than the fish oil.  Without this absorption, the omega 3 will likely pass on through the digestive system without benefiting the body. 

Krill oil breaks down better in the body and as such will be bioavailable and absorbed before it can pass out the digestive system.  It goes to work in the blood stream a lot faster.

2.  When krill oil is processed the removal of the omega 3 fatty acid sticks to the phospholipids. 

Phospholipids are the bond found in krill oil that differs greatly from regular fish oil.  Because krill oil "sticks" to phospholipids, it helps it to stick to the delicate cell membranes in our body, adding a layer of protection to the cells from the harmful free radicals that seek to damage and destroy these cells. 

Fish oil does this too to a much lesser degree.

3.  Fish oil is harsh to the digestive system.  People taking regular fish oil often complain of heartburn and indigestion. 

The fish oil does not digest too well and aside from the inability to absorb the omega 3 properly, the very negative side effect of burping up fish oil along with the fishy aftertaste is undesirable for most people. 

Sometimes the indigestion from regular fish oil is too painful for people to continue to take the supplement.

4.  Krill oil contains a higher concentration of antioxidants over regular fish oil.  Antioxidants work to strengthen the immune system, helping the body to fight off free radicals. 

Free radicals attack cells and this may lead to debilitating illnesses and certain cancers.  The krill oil contains more of these beneficial nutrients.

5.  Krill omega 3 oil is more pure than fish oil.  When taking fish oil there is reason to be weary of contaminants such as mercury found in certain fish. 

These contaminants wipe out the effectiveness of the fish oil if they are present in the fish. 

Krill is and always has been a much purer form of oil that contains pure nutrients of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acid. 

Krill oil may cost a little extra over fish oil, but it is worth it to have a supplement that is free from harmful chemicals.


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