Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil to
Improve Skin Conditions

If you are already comparing krill oil vs. fish oil, you probably know that what you eat has a significant effect on the condition of your skin.

Beautiful Skin

Whether you suffer from minor acne or a more severe skin disorder, you have probably been told a time or two that improving your diet could improve your skin.

It is true that your food choices deliver (or fail to deliver) the vitamins and minerals that your skin depends on for maximum health.

Unfortunately, even the healthiest diet may fall short of the fatty acids and antioxidants that create clear skin with a beautiful glow.

Getting What You Need

For many years, fish oil supplements were recommended for those who did not consume fatty fish three to four times a week.

Salmon and other fatty fish contain omega-3 fats that keep the skin and other organs healthy.

Unfortunately, many fish oil supplements now use fish sources that are potentially contaminated by the waters they are drawn out of.

Some may even be contaminated by radioactive toxins.

While fish oil contains more vitamin D than krill oil, it falls far short on antioxidant content.

Antioxidants are important to the health of your skin because they help eliminate free radicals inside your body.

Free radicals are dangerous to your cells and have even been linked to some forms of cancer. Since you get more antioxidants through krill oil, it is the best pick if your concern is the health and beauty of your skin.

You can always take a vitamin D supplement if you are concerned with that shortcoming of krill oil.

Optimal Skin Health

While there is no guarantee that you can take fish oil supplements or krill oil supplements and experience a dramatic change in the health and appearance of your skin,  you will probably be surprised at how much of a difference it will make. 

Besides, a supplement is something you add to a healthy lifestyle to enhance the nutrients your body receives for optimal health anyway!

This means you should start by consuming a healthy diet that includes colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources.

You can then add a supplement rich in omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and vitamins to ensure every organ in your body receives what it needs to remain healthy and function properly.

It is also important to drink enough water to keep your skin well hydrated. A krill oil supplement is the best option to maximize the health of your skin, but you will only get the results you are looking for if you add the supplement to a healthy foundation.

That foundation is the life you live everyday, from the foods you select at mealtime and the drinks you consume to the activities you do in your free time and the amount of stress you suffer in daily life.

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