How to Find the Best Quality Krill Oil Supplements

You know that krill oil supplements promise big health benefits if you take them on a consistent basis.

You also know that fish oil supplements were once popular, but have recently been found unsafe due to high levels of mercury and other potential contamination.

How do you know that krill oil will not one day be found to offer the same risks?

Comparing Supplements

In general, krill oil supplements are safe to consume and do offer impressive benefits. Yet, some are healthier and more pure than others.

You can find the highest quality krill products when you find the answers to the following three questions.

If you find a krill oil manufacturer that does not disclose any of this information, then you should turn toward another source that does reveal this information.

Where Did the Krill Oil Come From?

Before a krill oil supplement can be created, krill must be caught out in the ocean.

Krill oil comes from a shrimp-like crustacean that is sourced from large bodies of water as do the fish used in fish oil supplements.

If you want the highest quality krill oil available, you need to find oil that was drawn from krill in a clean, federally-regulated body of water.

Today, this means you want to find krill oil created from Antarctic krill. Our krill oil is from the Antarctic Ocean and we only use the #1 species of krill, the E. superba krill.

The Antarctic Ocean is a federally-regulated safe haven for krill and other creatures of the sea.

These krill are drawn from a beautifully clear ocean free of contaminants, so they are a safe, healthy base for a pure krill oil supplement.

How Were the Krill Processed?

Even the best krill from the pure Antarctic Ocean can be ruined if they are not processed promptly and efficiently.

The best krill oil supplements keep the krill in the ocean until they are ready for processing.

This keeps essential compounds within the krill from breaking down while they are waiting to be processed into supplement form.

There are some compounds within krill that must be kept fresh if the final krill oil product is to be stable and fresh.

This is why the procedures of processing fresh krill are so important. You do not want to trust a manufacturer that cuts corners in order to reduce the cost of processing.

Our omega 3 krill oil supplement sources only the E. superba species of krill from the pristine federally regulated waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

It is  processed right on the boats that caught them using a patented cold extraction method.

Because the krill are kept alive until they are ready to be processed by that same boat, the original bioactive nutrients remain at their most potent state possible.

You will experience the maximum beneficial use of our oil. Other companies ship the krill oil away for processing at a later date. This causes some of the goodness to be lost.

Is the Krill Oil Tested by a Third-Party Lab?

The best way to determine the health of a krill oil supplement is to check whether or not the krill oil used in the supplement was tested by a third-party lab.

This is a check from someone without a vested interest in the product to verify that the oil used in the supplement is fresh, stable, and potent.

If you can find a krill oil supplement that sources healthy krill from the clean waters of the Antarctic Ocean and which processes those krill in an efficient and safe manner, then you can find a pure supplement that will maximize the benefits you receive.

If the krill oil used in that product is also tested by an independent lab for purity and stability, then you can feel even more comfortable consuming it yourself and giving it to those you love.

Our krill oil has been tested by an independent 3rd party. Because our krill goes through an extra 6 step 5 day purification process, the impurities such as copper, moisture, TMA, LPC, are removed.

In other brands these things help degrade the krill oil making it go rancid faster and lose it’s potency.

The 3rd party independent studies showed our krill oil has a shelf life of over 2 years, unlike only 2 weeks for many of our competitors.

The recent third party clinical results also revealed many others brands of so called “high Quality” krill oil dilute their oil, usually with plant oils.

They go rancid quickly and do not have the same potent properties to deliver the results our krill oil does.

The are less expensive but also far less effective. When it comes to your health and your loved ones, cutting corners may not be your best option, especially if you want real results.

With omega 3’s becoming more popular, a growing amount of sub-par supplements will continue to grow. Watch out for the cheap stuff.

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