Is Your Kids Multi-Vitamin Really Enough?

Is Your Kids Multi-Vitamin Really Enough?

For years, there was a major debate amongst parents and medical professionals over kids multi-vitamin use.

Some professionals insisted that healthy children without special dietary needs will get the nutrients that they need from a well-balanced diet that includes nutrient-rich foods.

Others felt just as passionately that a multivitamin could benefit children regardless of their medical needs.

Today, it is generally agreed that children need healthy foods to remain well-nourished, but multivitamins are widely accepted as well.

Rather than debating whether kids need multivitamins or not, the big discussion now is whether children are property nourished through multivitamins alone.

Now that many healthy supplements like cod liver oil, fish oil, and krill oil are being found to benefit children in amazing ways, many parents and medical professionals believe that a standard multivitamin just isn’t enough to protect a child.

Whether your children are healthy or have special medical needs, it’s important to consider what they might gain from additional supplements.

The Value of a Kids Multi-vitamin

Kids multi-vitamins are necessary because the standard American diet is loaded with preservatives, artificial ingredients, saturated fats, and over-processed foods that are robbed of most nutrients.

Now that more children are eating pizza and ice cream instead of low-fat meats and fresh fruits or veggies, there are more cases of nutritional deficiency.

Much of the adult population now takes vitamin supplements, so it only makes sense that most children are also in need of supplementation.

The problem is that many children’s multivitamins contain far too much sugar. They look and taste like candy, so children think of them as treats rather than healthy supplements.

It’s always better to look for supplements that focus mainly on nutritional value without the added dose of sweetness.

Why Add Other Supplements?

There are now some supplements on the market that offer benefits that your children cannot gain through the standard multivitamin.

For instance, cod liver oil may help prevent and heal tooth decay. Fish oil and krill oil supplements are proven to enhance cognitive functioning and are powerful antioxidants that can fight off disease and reduce occurrences of the common cold and flu.

These benefits make these oils far more powerful than any sugar-coated multivitamin marketed to children today.

Many oil supplements also contain vitamin D, which is a common deficiency experienced by some children today.

If your child may suffer from this deficiency, it’s important to treat it promptly to avoid future medical issues.

Selecting Supplements for Your Child

If your child consumes a healthy diet rich in nutrients, chances are high that they don’t need a multivitamin at all.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from taking cod liver oil or another supplement that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Many of these supplements are now created just for children, and they’re more flavorful and appetizing than the oils you may have experimented with years ago.

If your child takes prescription medication or has a diagnosed medical condition, you may want to discuss supplements with his or her doctor.

They can help you pick the best options without interfering with other courses of treatment.

You may also want to have this discussion with your doctor if you’re uncertain whether your child really needs a multivitamin or other supplements.

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