How To Lower Cholesterol While Boosting Overall Health

How To Lower Cholesterol
While Boosting Overall Health

You probably hear information on how to lower cholesterol, every time you go to your annual doctor's appointment.

You doctor will check your cholesterol levels using one or more different tests. The reason that this is so important is that high cholesterol is a risk factor for a range of different diseases.

How To Lower Cholesterol

Knowing what your cholesterol numbers are is also important. There are actually two different types of cholesterol.

One is more beneficial to the body and one more problematic for the body. In fact, both are necessary for functioning of the entire body.

The ratio between good and bad cholesterol is now seen as the key to good health.

Understanding how to lower these numbers starts with understanding a bit about cholesterol. It is also helpful to know that you typically won't see any high cholesterol symptoms until it is too late.

Usually it is found at your annual visit to your doctor or after you have had some type of medical scare. Heart attack, stroke and diabetes are all linked to high cholesterol levels.

Understanding Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a chemical found in the body. It is a waxy type of fat that is used in cell membranes. It controls the fluid movement in and out of cells.

It is also a major factor in nerve conduction and in transporting messages through the cells. In this way it is absolutely necessary in the body.

Cholesterol is reused in the body. It is recycled from the liver to the digestive tract.

It is estimated that almost half of the cholesterol recycled in the liver is absorbed by the digestive system to be used again.

Most cholesterol that we eat is from meat sources and specifically animal fats.

These fats also have triglycerides which are harmful in large amounts in the body.

These sources are high in the LDL or Low-density Lipoproteins. The LDL cholesterol is the harmful variety.

How To Lower Cholesterol Using Krill Oil

One of the many krill oil benefits is that it is able to lower the LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

Krill oil has been proven in research studies to lower LDL cholesterol levels while also boosting the good HDL cholesterol that is required for optimum cell functioning.

The added bonus is that it will also help to drop your harmful triglyceride levels, all by just taking a simple, small sized daily supplement.

The great news for people with low to high levels of bad LDL cholesterol is that krill oil will actually out perform the amazing results seen in the past with fish oil.

In addition it will help to rebalance the HDL levels and work on heart health and healthy blood vessels throughout the body.

Adding Antarctic krill oil to your daily supplement is a simple way to answer the question of how to lower cholesterol.

Of course, diet and exercise is important, but getting started with krill oil is something you should do for yourself today.

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