How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally Using Krill Oil

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

What to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally?  You may want to consider krill oil.

Krill oil is a very beneficial supplement that is very successful in naturally lowering cholesterol.  When blood tests show that cholesterol levels are too high, it puts the person at a risk for cardiovascular diseases, which can lead to heart attacks.

  Something as simple as krill oil, which is the oil from a tiny animal found in the ocean (and it is one of the main diets for whales) can take that high cholesterol level down to normal over time.

Why is Krill Oil so Beneficial in Lowering Cholesterol?

Two very beneficial substances are in krill oil, omega 3 and omega 6, aid the body is reducing the harmful cholesterol levels.

  Krill oil has a good amount of the omega 3 and a small amount of the omega 6.  These are two essential fatty acids, which work in the blood in reducing cholesterol, and they are very helpful with brain function too. 

Other benefits of krill oil are the rich antioxidants they carry, which helps the body to have a healthy and strong immune system and serves to help the body to fight to keep the levels of harmful cholesterol down to normal levels. 

Antioxidants also help the body to fight against free radicals, which can cause debilitating diseases and cancer.   

If krill oil is added with a supplemental regimen and taken on a regular basis, it will help the cholesterol to be at manageable levels. 

Studies even show that krill oil beats regular fish oil in helping people to see a reduction in their bad cholesterol levels by one-third, the LDL. 

Not only will it reduce the bad cholesterol it also helps to raise the good cholesterol the HDL by almost 50 percent. 

Fish oil alone only gives single digit reductions in bad cholesterol and rise in good cholesterol.  

Triglycerides are another bad fat found in blood and krill oil shows to help lower the levels of triglycerides.

Krill oil is easier on the digestive system over fish oil.  However, there may be some mild digestive discomfort when taking it. 

Most people take it with no discomfort though.  A person always needs to consult with their healthcare provider before taking krill oil especially if they are on any kind of blood thinner. 

Dosing depends on the levels of cholesterol that need adjusting.  See the bottle for suggested dosage and ask the healthcare provider for further instruction on how to lower cholesterol naturally using krill oil supplements.

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