How to Improve Memory with Supplements 

How to Improve Memory with Supplements

Did you know that you can learn how to improve memory with supplements instead of just accepting memory loss with aging? 

There is something you can do to help.

If you routinely forget where you put the car keys or struggle to commit new information studied to memory, you’re likely wondering how you can naturally boost your memory.

You may even worry that your memory problems are early warnings of dementia to come later in your life.

How to Improve Memory with Supplements You MAy Already Know

While that isn’t necessarily true, it is to your advantage to naturally support your brain’s cognitive functioning through nutrition.

If someone you love is already suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, they may also benefit from the following natural memory boosters.

1.  Krill Oil

You may already know that fish oil supplements are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that can enhance energy and protect your heart.

You can now add boosting memory to the list of benefits that come with daily supplementation of these essential fatty acids.

Krill oil is derived from a small shrimp-like fish, and the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in this fish are far more potent than those found in most standard fish oil supplements.

Research has shown that the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in krill oil can promote learning in the brain while relieving signs of depression.

Just as importantly, some research has shown that the omega-3 fats in fish oil can help prevent cognitive decline when consumed routinely over a period of time.

 It may be one of the best choices for people learning how to improve memory with supplements .

2.  Coconut Oil

Most nutrition supplements take some time to get into your system and start delivering noticeable results, but coconut oil is one exception to that rule.

Since this oil is quickly absorbed by the brain, studies have shown that it can improve cognitive functioning in the short term.

There is less scientific support for the use of coconut oil to reverse memory impairment or stimulate memory permanently, but it is a delicious way to boost cognitive functioning immediately.

You can use coconut oil while sautéing vegetables or making stir fry, and it’s a good addition to smoothies or even your morning coffee.

It will provide immediate energy that your brain will use to absorb new information.

3.  Vitamin D

Your body cannot make vitamin D without exposure to sunlight.

Now that most people use sun-blocking products to limit skin exposure and our fast-paced lives limit fun in the sun to vacation time, many people are deficient in this vitamin.

Since there are vitamin D receptors in the brain that are starved when deficiency sets in, it’s not difficult to understand why the brain cannot function properly without regular sun exposure or daily supplementation.

The research is clear that vitamin D and cognitive functioning go hand in hand.

If you struggle to remember where you put your keys or the name of that new colleague, you can see major improvements by simply going outdoors on your lunch break each day or taking a 30-minute walk a few days a week.

Daily supplementation may also help, especially if you can’t spend more time in the sun. 

4.  B Vitamins

Research has shown that vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to memory impairment, but not everyone needs a daily supplement.

If you already consume a healthy mix of B vitamins through a well-balanced diet, then you may already consume adequate amounts of B12 to enhance cognitive functioning.

Research has shown that the benefits to supplementation are limited to those correcting a B12 deficiency.

A high-quality multi-vitamin and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables should deliver the B vitamins that you need to support your memory and other cognitive functions.

Add a krill oil supplement, regular visits with the sun and a bottle of coconut oil, and you have the recipe for a high-performing brain.

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How to Improve Memory with Supplements

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