Flaxseed Oil for Cancer Prevention and Healing

Flaxseed Oil for Cancer Prevention and Healing

Flaxseed oil for cancer is an natural option for treatment and prevention that is rarely discussed but can be very effective.

When you first receive a cancer diagnosis, you know that you’re in for the battle of your life. It’s easy to get lost in your emotions and to sink into depression, but the fighter in you will surface.

This is when you start looking for natural solutions that can arm your body against this life-threatening intruder.

You start to realize that some of the most powerful tools for healing are quite simple.

You don’t have to hear the word “cancer” from a doctor’s lips to take advantage of these powerful tools.

You can use them daily in an effort to prevent the development of cancer. One of the most effective natural prevention and treatment tools is flaxseed oil.

While there’s never a guarantee that this oil or any other natural substance will cure cancer or prevent you from developing cancerous cells, it’s worth the effort to arm your body for the battle regardless.

How Can Flaxseed Oil for Cancer Help?

The power of flaxseed oil for cancer is in the form of lignin's. These compounds have a similar structure to the female hormone estrogen, so they’re referred to as phytoestrogens.

The benefits of consuming lignin's include relief from many symptoms of menopause and shortening the length of menstrual cycles.

It’s also believed that lignin's can alter the hormonal balance in postmenopausal women, which may have cancer-prevention benefits.

While there was once concern that the estrogen-like qualities of flaxseed would increase the risk of breast cancer in women, but studies have found this untrue.

While the structure of the lignin's in flaxseed may look similar to estrogen, they don’t act the same inside the body. They’re more likely to protect many women than lead to increased risk.

How to Take Flaxseed Oil for Cancer Prevention

Flaxseed oil is easily added into drinks, including coffee, juice, and smoothies. You can add it to homemade salad dressings or use it as an ingredient in many baked goods.

Keeping whole and ground flaxseed in the kitchen will give you more options, such as baking them into muffins and biscuits.

At least one study has shown that less than two teaspoons of flaxseed is enough to help prevent the development of cancer, but more research is needed on this topic.

Since the seeds and oil can also add fiber and ALA to your diet, it’s a good idea to incorporate a small amount of flaxseed into your diet each day.

You can also take an oil capsule if you don’t want to add flaxseed to your food.

Can Cancer Lignans Help You Heal?

Some studies have shown that the lignans contained in flaxseed have the power to reduce the size of cancer tumors, but this is another area where a lot more research is needed.

Think of flaxseed oil as one piece to the cancer-fighting puzzle. You can combine this natural oil with a nutrient-dense diet, regular exercise, and a healthy living environment that eliminates chemicals and as much air pollution as possible.

If you’re diagnosed with cancer or are at high risk, you will also have doctor-recommended treatment strategies to implement.

Flaxseed oil is just one more tool that can help you nourish your body for overall health and well-being as well as an extra punch in the fight with cancer.

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