Using Fish Oil for Kids?  There Is a Better Alternative

Using Fish Oil for Kids?  There Is a Better Alternative

Supplementing with fish oil for kids is a good idea, but there is a better alternative that you should consider and some top reasons why.

Fish oil for kids Fish oil is a healthy nutrient packed supplement that children can take.  It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are very healthy for the brain. 

But fish oil can be difficult to take for some children.  It can cause gastric upset, reflux, and a nasty fishy aftertaste that neither children nor adults like. 

There are better alternatives to the fish oils, better and easier for children to tolerate.

Foods that Naturally Contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eggs naturally have omega 3 fatty acids.  Some egg farms offer "omega 3 enriched" eggs as well.  However, eggs contain just a small portion of the omega 3 fatty acids. 

A child would have to eat quite a few eggs a day to get their daily allowance of this nutrient, which is impossible.  Still, children need to get it also from other sources.

Omega 3 fatty acids naturally occur in flaxseeds too.  Flaxseed oil can be purchased over the counter, or flax seeds can be eaten as a part of the diet. 

Omega 3 is also found in nuts and seeds such as walnuts, soybeans, chia seeds and hemp. 

Certain oils also offers some of the omega 3's such as olive oil and canola oil.  These are good alternatives to fish oil, and especially for vegetarians. 

But still, these foods may be hard to come by on a daily basis, or hard to consume and children may need to find yet another alternative to fish oil.

What Is Better About Krill Oil for Kids?

There are many reasons krill is better than fish oil for your kids, but here are the top reasons that you should consider it:

  • Heavy-metal contamination-free
  • Higher potency 
  • Easier to absorb
  • Resists oxidation
  • Is sustainable
  • May better prevent disease

With the cost at about the same, why wouldn't you choose krill oil for your kids?

Krill Oil Offers a Great Alternative to Fish Oil

People choose to take krill oil supplements if they want to get their daily supply of omega 3 fatty acid and do not get enough from the foods they eat. 

Children in particular may be deficient in the omega 3 fatty acids, due in part to the finicky eaters they are. 

It may be impossible to get a child to eat all the foods rich in this vital nutrient so parents have to rely on supplements to help give them this vital nutrient.

 Krill oil seems to be the perfect alternative if the child cannot consume all the right foods and if fish oil does not agree with them. 

Krill oil supplements are available to insure your child receives the vital omega 3 fatty acids.

Because most krill oil soft gels are only 500 mg, they are easy for kids to swallow. Adult supervision is always recommended. 

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