Getting Your EPA Dosage Amounts

Fish Oil EPA Dosage Amounts

Taking a daily krill oil supplement or other form of fish oil EPA has several different health benefits.

Krill oil is considered superior to fish oil with regards to the levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the supplement.

However, taking either if preferable to not taking a supplement at all.

It is important to realize that Omega 3 fatty acids are found in a variety of foods.

However, most foods that Western diets contain are high in Omega 6 fatty acids. These are the fatty acids most commonly associated with plants and oils.

With high levels of vegetable oils used in foods we may actually eat more Omega 9s than are desirable.

Experts agree that the optimum combination is one Omega 3 fatty acid for every one Omega 6 fatty acid in the diet.

In reality most people consume at least 15 to 17 Omega 6 fatty acids for every one Omega 3. In some research studies the ratio is as high as 20:1.

Problems With High Omega 6 Intake

While the body needs all types of fatty acids in the diet an imbalance actually creates health problems.

In fact Omega 6 fatty acids contribute to rather than help with inflammation. This can lead to increased pain, discomfort and ongoing health issues.

For people with high levels of inflammation this is a major concern. This type of inflammation is associated with diabetes and arthritis. It is also found in people with cardiovascular disease. 

There are also fewer positive preventative benefits. The right combination helps cells while the wrong combination does not help with overall cell functioning.

Fish oil EPA shuld be taken daily as a supplement. Find out why you need this essential fatty acid in your diet and how krill oil can help you get the amounts you need.

Monitoring Your Diet

In addition to taking fish oil EPA and DHA in supplement forms it is also important to take out the excessive Omega 6 foods in the diet.

They are often the foods that are considered to be fast foods and snacks. Anything that is deep fried or contains vegetable oils should be limited.

Whole grains should be selected over processed grains.

Adding a balanced supplement of krill oil allows the proper combination of healthy fatty acids in your diet.

Boosting your Omega 3 levels will help to balance out the harmful effects of higher levels of Omega 6s.

Big Changes

The research is clear that there are very positive effects on the body. You will feel younger and healthier.

This one simple addition will actually help your body to function more effectively.

As you age you will have less chance of developing eye problems as well as memory issues and some types of dementia.

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