Does Fermented Cod Liver Oil Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids?

Does Fermented Cod Liver Oil Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids?

You’ve heard of fish oil supplements, but fermented cod liver oil is becoming just as popular.

You’ve heard of fish oil supplements, but cod liver oil is becoming just as popular. This oil is extracted from the livers of cod fish and was traditionally used to treat rickets.

This is a medical condition that softens the bones, resulting in weakness and more bone breaks than usual.

The condition is common in children who experience long-term vitamin D deficiencies, and research has shown that cod liver can help strengthen the bones and overcome the illness by correcting the vitamin deficiency.

Is it starting to make sense why so many people believe that cod liver oil is also useful when treating and preventing tooth decay?

This oil is naturally rich in vitamin D as well as vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to treating rickets, there are quite a few benefits of cod liver oil worth mentioning:

  • Reduced risk of type I diabetes when consumed in the first year of life
  • Stronger immune system for reduced respiratory infections
  • Promotion of healthy eyesight
  • Protection against depression

These benefits come from the nutritional quality of the oil, and adults as well as children can benefit from a daily supplement of fermented cod liver oil.

While there is no scientific proof that says this oil will cure cavities, make teeth stronger, or prevent tooth day in kids or adults, there are many people who have had amazing success by treating dental problems with this oil.

Since the oil comes with so many additional benefits that have been proven by some studies, it makes sense that many parents are now taking advantage of this natural remedy for childhood tooth decay.

Will Your Kids Take FERMENTED Cod Liver Oil?

Cod liver oil is typically taken in liquid form, and it does have a fishy smell and a strong taste.

Children who are given the supplement from a young age typically have no problem taking it as they get older.

If your child is already old enough to smell the fish or revolt from the flavor, look for child-friendly products that are flavored.

Carlson Labs makes some of the most popular options, including a bubble gum flavored cod liver oil. Lemon-flavored oils are readily available as well.

You can mix a liquid supplement into fruit smoothies or your child’s juice, but it’s important that they drink all of it in order to take in the full daily dose of cod liver oil.

You may also try adding it to a small portion of a food that your child loves, like oatmeal or a soup.

When all else fails, consider a chewable cod liver oil supplement.

You may not have to store these supplements in the fridge or worry about them going rancid, and your child can take it with their daily multivitamin without realizing what they’re consuming.

Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil Safe?

Fermented cod liver oil is potentially toxic when taken in large doses, but the small doses delivered through a child’s supplement are safe for consumption.

There is some risk that the oil may thin the blood, so it’s important to discuss the supplement with your child’s doctor if that may present a risk for their health.

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