Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep

Before another sleepless night, try essential oils to help baby sleep.  They can work wonders.

Have you had more than your share of endless nights sitting up with a cranky baby?

What about that happy baby who simply has his or her days and nights confused?

You can try cranking up the swing or spend hours rotating between the rocking chair and wearing down the carpet with your pacing, but there’s another tool that may spare you a lot of time: essential oils.

Adults often diffuse oils into the air in their bedroom or massage themselves with oils on sleepless nights, so why not give it a try for your restless baby?

There are some oils that are safe for use by babies, and you can either give the little one a gentle massage with the oil on your hands or use a diffuser or humidifier to infuse the air with relaxing, calming oils.

Placing one small drop of oil on the underside of each wrist (with a carrier oil) is also effective.

Recommended Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep

How to Get the Baby to Sleep at Night
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil: This is one of the more expensive essential oils, but it has a natural sedative effect that is often recommended for depression relief. It has a soothing scent that helps many adults sleep, and it’s safe for your baby as well.

  • Lavender Essential Oil: It’s no surprise to see this oil on a list of sleepy time remedies, since it’s the scent chosen for many baby shampoos and bath products. It has a calming scent and a soothing impact that will send most babies right off to dreamland.

  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: This is often used for toddlers and older children because it has a stronger scent than lavender and other options. It’s a natural sedative and has a calming impact on many children.

  • Marjoram Essential Oil: You can use this in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom, so it’s one of your more versatile options. While it has a soothing scent that helps with sleep, you can also rub it on achy, sore muscles to relieve the pain and help with healing.

Using Essential Oils Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep Safely

You should never allow a small baby to swallow essential oils, even if it’s an oil that you take orally yourself.

It’s best to stick with a diffuser while using fewer drops than you would in other areas of your home.

If you want to apply an oil topically, make sure to use a moisturizing carrier oil to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

For infants, only use 1/8 of the concentration suggested on the oil’s bottle. For toddlers over the age of two, you can move that up to about ¼ of the recommended concentration.

Once your child is over the age of six, you can use half of the recommended concentration until your child is officially a teenager and can handle a full dose.

Quality is of extreme importance when purchasing essential oils to help baby sleep. Only buy from established brands that you know offer pure, therapeutic-grade oils.

You may also want to think twice before adding any type of essential oil in your baby’s bathwater because they’re likely to splash around and it could end up in their eyes or mouth.

Some parents are comfortable with oils in the bathwater or even using oils to ease the pain of teething gums while others are more conservative.

It’s important to listen to your motherly instinct and stay within your comfort zone when making these decisions for your baby.

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