Are Essential Oils Safe for Kids? 

Are Essential Oils Safe for Kids?

You use essential oils but are essential oils safe for kids too?  If you follow these guidelines, they are!

There are times when you may want to use essential oils to enrich your child’s life.

Perhaps you have a teenager riddled with social anxiety or an overactive toddler prone to temper tantrums.

Just as you depend on essential oils to balance your mood and overcome stress, there are safe ways to use oils for the benefit of children of any age.

You just need to know how to diffuse the oils so that they’re safe for younger kids with sensitive skin.

More Is Not Better to Keep essential oils safe for kids

It is possible to get too much of a good thing when it comes to essential oils, and that goes for adults as well.

 Expert safety guidelines often recommend cutting adult doses at least in half for children, and you may go even lower if you’re treating a baby or toddler.

These oils are potent, and you only need small amounts to do the job. If you’re placing oils on a child’s skin directly, you should cut the does by a third or more.

If you would use three to six drops on your own skin, a child may need only one or two at the most.

Also keep in mind that giving a child essential oils too frequently can lead to side effects.

Pay attention to how many drops you’re giving the child over a 24-hour period to ensure that they receive only what they need.

Preferred Delivery Methods to Keep essential oils safe for kids

The safest way to expose a child to essential oils is to diffuse them into the air with a diffuser or humidifier.

Your child will breathe in the oils naturally, and you don’t have to worry about skin reactions or side effects from ingestion.

Children should never be given oils orally, and you want to use very little when applying directly to their skin.

Always test a small amount of oil on the skin first, ensuring that your child doesn’t have a skin reaction before applying more.

Use a high-quality carrier oil to dilute the oil, even if you’re using it on the thick skin along the bottom of the child’s feet.

Keep Essential Oils Safe for Kids By Maintaining Control at All Times

Unless you have a responsible teenager in the house, make sure that you’re the one in control of the essential oils at all times.

Your little ones may gravitate toward oils because they smell good or come in pretty bottles, but they aren’t mature enough to understand that the oils aren’t safe to drink or pour all over their skin.

If you put the bottles in an out-of-reach place and don’t allow your children to distribute the oils on their own, you can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Consider Diffusing Jewelry

While diffusers are perfect for distributing essential oils throughout your home, your child may also benefit from oils while away from home.

There are many diffusing necklaces and other jewelry items that are safe for school-aged children to wear out of the house.

You put the oil on a small pad inside the jewelry, and it’s sealed shut. They can catch whiffs of the oil throughout the day or lift the necklace to their nose when they need help focusing, relaxing or overcoming anxiety.

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