Essential Oils for Teething Babies - Natural Treatment from the Past

Essential Oils for Teething Babies

Before modern teething medicines, moms everywhere already knew about using some essential oils for teething pain in their babies.

There are few things that can upset a happy baby more than swollen, red gums parting for the emergence of baby teeth.

While you want to help your baby ease the pain quickly, you may not want to resort to expensive over-the-counter pain medications.

If you prefer to keep it all-natural or want to save money by using your essential oils, there are some oils that can bring relief for your little one.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Oral Consumption?

There is some controversy over the use of essential oils for teething on the swollen gums of babies under the age of two.

While some people believe that it is safe as long as a small amount of oil is used and the oil is diluted well before application.

Others believe that essential oils are not safe for oral application at least until the age of two or three.

This comes down to the strength of the oil and the potential for it to irritate mucous membranes or damage the gums and inner cheek.

If your baby is under two, you may want to apply the essential oils for teething to the cheek or jawline rather than directly to the gum.

While this may not offer as much direct pain relief, it is the safer option for small babies. You can also use chamomile tea bags rather than chamomile essential oil.

Wet the tea bags and rub them directly on the gums. You may even want to freeze the tea and allow your baby to chew on the frozen pops rather than a teething toy.

Essential Oils for Teething Babies

If you do want to use essential oils to make your own teething gel, the following oils are ideal. Keep in mind that you must dilute one drop of oil in at least one tablespoon of coconut oil before applying to a baby’s gums.

If you have a toddler over the age two, you can use two or three drops.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil – This is a soothing, gentle oil that can help calm the gums. You may want to consider using the tea bags for a gentler option. You can even freeze chamomile tea and allow your baby to teethe on it.

  • Clove Essential Oil – This is the oil you’ll see most often recommended for teething gels as well as for natural treatments for adult toothaches. While it is effective at numbing and relieving pain, it isn’t always the safest essential oil to go inside a young baby’s mouth. If your little one is under the age of two, consider using lavender or chamomile oil instead.

  • Lavender Essential Oil – This is a good pick because it’s gentle and the aroma may also calm your baby emotionally. There’s a reason that lavender is chosen for so many shampoos created for infants.

It’s important that you don’t overuse your essential oils. More use means a greater chance for irritation inside your baby’s mouth.

Make sure that your baby is rinsing well with water, milk or other drinks between applications.

Keep in mind that these essential oils are also great options for adults with toothaches. You can even use some essential oils as healthy, all-natural mouthwash, so consider working these into your daily grooming routine.

In the meantime, mix up some oil and put those swollen gums to rest for your teething baby.

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