Top Essential Oils For Migraines

Essential Oils For Migraines

Essential oils for migraines and chronic headached

If you suffer from migraines or any type of chronic headache, you know how difficult this searing, debilitating pain can make your life.

Migraines can strike almost without warning and they make doing nearly anything an almost insurmountable challenge.

There are a lot of different ideas out there about how to treat migraines, but as we all know, natural remedies are the safest and often, most effective treatment for many conditions and this includes migraines.

Essential oils can be especially helpful to relieve the pain of a migraine or severe headache. These calming oils can reduce pain, relieve inflammation and generally relax you and help you to cope with what’s going on.

They also relieve stress, which is one of the chief contributing factors to headaches of all kinds.

Best Essential Oils For Migraines and Tough Headaches:

Best Essential Oils For Migraines

Keep reading to find out more about the best essential oils for relief from migraines.

Lavender: Lavender essential oil is renowned for its calming, sedative properties, but it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory oil which can help to tame a migraine. It’s also a great choice for treating allergy-related headaches.

Peppermint: Menthol is the most important volatile compound in peppermint essential oil and you’re probably aware of how soothing it can be.

It also helps to energize you and clear your mind; this makes it great for tension headaches and stress relief, but it can also keep you up at night, so you may not want to use it for a night time headache.

Sandalwood: This soothing essential oil has mild sedative properties, which make it a natural choice for relieving migraines as well as tension headaches.

It’s especially good when mixed with other calming and pain relieving essential oils for migraine relief.

Helichrysum: Helichrysum essential oil is a potent anti-inflammatory which has a very long history of use as a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and muscle pain.

It’s a lesser-known essential oil, but one which belongs in the medicine cabinet of anyone who experiences migraines.

Chamomile: Chamomile essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and sedative, which makes it a good choice for treating headaches or migraines which occur in the evening.

It’s not a strong analgesic per se, but its soothing properties can help to quickly calm the tension and stress which lead to headaches and can even provide some relief from migraines.

Treating Migraines With Essential Oils

You can use essential oils for aromatherapy by adding a few drops to a handkerchief and smelling the cloth when you need relief from headache or migraine pain.

You can also use it topically after diluting the essential oil (5 drops per tbsp. of neutral oil like olive, almond or jojoba oil) by applying it to your temples and forehead, taking care not to get any of the oil in your eyes.

A few drops of diluted essential oil can also be added to cold water to make a cold compress or if you really need to relax, a few drops of essential oil added to the bathwater along with some Epsom salts can provide you with a very relaxing soak.

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