Best Essential Oils for Healing

Best Essential Oils for Healing

Everyone is in need of healing in some form and essential oils for healing can help fill that need.

For some people, it’s physical healing from cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises or more substantial problems like a cold, the flu, or chronic illness.

Others could benefit from mental or emotional healing so that they can approach life with greater confidence and fewer self-created obstacles.

You may even find that you’re in need of spiritual healing after questioning your faith or wandering for years without a destination or sense of purpose.

Favorite Essential Oils for Healing:

Regardless of what you think about when the topic of healing surfaces, there are some essential oils that may give your journey a wholesome boost.

Eucalyptus Oil

Studies have shown that the antibacterial and antiviral qualities of this oil can fight against staph infections and many other types of bacteria. It is often used to heal some of the most common signs of respiratory tract distress.

This includes easing coughs and sinus pain by reducing inflammation. You can add it to the water in your vaporizer when you’re down with a cold or diffuse it into the air to help with asthma.

Frankincense Oil

Some people shy away from this oil because it’s more expensive than many others, but it is quite valuable when it comes to healing wounds.

It is often mixed with other oils and a carrier for direct application to skin wounds, and it may also help kill germs to fight off infection.

Just keep in mind that this is a strong oil, so you need to mix it with lotion, cream or a good carrier oil before placing it directly on your skin.

Rosemary Oil

If your mind needs healing just as much as your body, you may benefit from picking up a bottle of rosemary essential oil.

It has long been used to boost memory and protect cognitive functioning. It is also now used to help control blood pressure, and it may even heal your scalp and help boost hair growth if you’re struggling with hair loss. 

Lemon Oil

Many people associate the strong scent of lemon with clean surfaces because it is often used in cleaning products.

What you may not know is that it can also help fight off food-borne pathogens and may help fight inflammation throughout the body.

It also has an energizing aroma that is often used to naturally stimulate physical energy while encouraging happy thoughts and peace of mind.

Peppermint Oil

This oil is commonly used to soothe and heal inflamed gums and to help prevent or heal other oral complications.

Many people also use it to fight against the symptoms of the common cold and flu, making it the perfect oil to gargle with in the morning or to diffuse when you sense that you’re coming down with something unpleasant.

Which essential oil do you think may have the greatest benefit to your journey toward healing?

Pick one or two that may help you reach your goal, and give it a try. You can also experiment with different combinations of healing oils as you become more comfortable using essential oils for healing.

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