Essential Oils for Depression

Essential Oils for Depression

If you have not tried essential oils for depression, don't you owe it to yourself to give it a try? Many people are very successful with it.

Are you starting to spend your evenings and weekends in bed watching Netflix rather than interacting with your loved ones?

Maybe you’re reading this page because you suspect that someone you love is depressed and you want to help them.

Whether you’re dealing with a long-term or recurring condition or are starting to pick up on recent symptoms of depression, it’s worth exploring essential oils before you ask the doctor for an antidepressant.

Prescription medications come with side effects that sometimes introduce new problems, and you may have to try multiple medications before you find one that provides relief with tolerable effects.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and fruits that grow in various regions of the world naturally. They can help you overcome depression without side effects.

Favorite Essential Oils for Depression

Best Essential Oils for Depression

These essential oils for depression often have powerful aromas, but they also carry chemical compounds that have the potential to cross the blood-brain barrier and lift your spirits in a short period of time.

If you want to get back into your life and feel alive again, try diffusing some of these oils or adding them into your bath water.


This is a citrus oil that is extracted from the peels of fruit grown on Seville orange trees. This oil has been used as a topical treatment for psoriasis for many years. You may also see Bergamot listed as an ingredient in some perfumes.

It’s even used to flavor some commercial teas. When inhaled, the scent of the oil can lift your mood, and routine use may help you overcome the impact of stress.

Other Citrus Oils

You can use grapefruit, orange or lemon essential oils to instantly lift your mood and create a sense of optimism. The uplifting nature of citrus is the reason you see so many grapefruit and orange-scented candles in stores.

You can use food-grade essential oils or fresh citrus fruits to make your own salad dressings or sauces. It’s not always safe to consume essential oils, but this is one case where it works as long as you use food-grade product.

Clary Sage

This is a biennial plant that is related to mint. Many chefs consider it a kitchen staple, but it has a long history of use for medicinal purposes in the Mediterranean.

These essential oils for depression are often considered a natural remedy for women experiencing mood swings, cramps, hot flashes and other side effects that come from menstruation or unbalanced hormones.

This is due to the natural phytoestrogens contained in the oil. It also has an antidepressant effect, so it’s considered a powerful remedy for depressed men and women.


You’ll see lavender on practically every list of essential oils recommended for medicinal purposes.

This pretty flower has a powerful smell that most people find comforting, and it is well known for producing a calming, relaxed state that can help you fall asleep or overcome stress in daily life.

There are also some studies that prove it can help with postpartum depression. Other studies verify its effectiveness for PTSD and other forms of depression.

You can plant lavender outside your home and bring bouquets of the flowers indoors for fresh aromatherapy.

Ylang Ylang

This essential oil is extracted from bright yellow flowers that bloom on the Cananga tree in the Phillipines and Indonesia.

These tropical trees are beautiful to look at, but it’s the 161 chemical compounds that make Ylang Ylang beneficial for anyone suffering from depression.

Many of those compounds are believed to help lower blood pressure and increase alertness.

They are also believed to increase concentration and focus, so many people now use this oil to help with ADHD and autism.

Ready to Feel Better?

If you just want to lift your mood and bring more happiness into your life, try diffusing citrus essential oils for depression in your living space.

You can explore some of the other oils listed above when you need to relax or improve your focus at work.

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