Essential Oils for Constipation - What Really Works?

Essential Oils for Constipation - What Really Works?

You may not realize that essential oils for constipation can be safe, effective and work fairly quickly. 

A mild case of constipation may leave you occasionally frustrated, but chronic constipation could easily interfere with your quality of life.

It often comes with bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, and hours of agony in the bathroom. 

Top Essential Oils for Constipation:

You may want to discuss the problem with your doctor to rule out more serious problems, but in the meantime, you may want to try out these natural treatments.

They’re all based on essential oils that are readily available in local stores as well as online.

Peppermint Essential Oil – This is one of the most powerful and versatile essential oils available today, so you may want to keep it around at all times.

When mixed with coconut oil and massaged directly onto the lower abdomen, it can help stimulate your bowels.

You can do this several times a day if it doesn’t work the first time around.

Note that the coconut oil serves as a carrier oil, and you don’t want to place peppermint oil directly on your skin without that barrier.

Ginger Essential Oil – Ginger is commonly used to calm stomach discomfort, and it is known to naturally help with digestion.

It also fights inflammation throughout your body and may help with respiratory problems and even anxiety.

The best way to use ginger oil is to mix up to five drops into a cup of tea. You can drink one or two cups a day to get kickstart your bowels.

Fennel Essential Oil – Fennel is commonly found on the kitchen spice rack, but it acts as a natural laxative when introduced to the bowels.

Try adding a drop or two of fennel oil to a glass of hot water along with a teaspoon of honey and perhaps a drop of ginger essential oil.

Sip the mixture slowly to quickly stimulate your bowels.

Lemon Essential Oil – You’ll find many uses for citrus essential oils, and lemon is one of the most powerful. It is believed to help improve digestion and may relax your muscles to allow the process of elimination to function with ease.

Lemon has an invigorating aroma, so consider it a great option when creating an essential oil blend to diffuse in your home.

Turmeric Essential Oil– Keep this oil in the kitchen and add it to some of your favorite meals.

Turmeric comes with a growing list of health benefits and serves as a power antioxidant and stimulant for the digestive system.

You may also want to consider marjoram oil and sweet basil oil in the kitchen. They will give your food aromatic appeal while boosting flavor profiles and giving your digestive system a regular kick.

Tarragon Essential Oil – Whether you use it in the kitchen or reserve it for your diffuser, tarragon oil will naturally nudge your digestive system.

It’s also known to help with the circulatory system.

While essential oils for constipation aren’t the solution to every case, they are all-natural alternatives to laxatives and stool softeners.

Consider these treatment options potential additions to a larger treatment plan if your constipation is chronic and interferes with your daily life.


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