Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Did you know that you can use essential oils for cellulite?  It's true and it works!

If there’s one thing that can stand in your way of making bold fashion statements, it’s cellulite. This is a condition that turns smooth skin into a dimpled, uneven mess that many people find unattractive.

It’s one of the most common reasons that women of all ages stop wearing short shorts and skirts, and it’s a source of embarrassment during bathing suit season for millions of women.

One of the biggest myths about cellulite is that it’s only a problem for people who are overweight or obese.

People of all ages and sizes suffer from cellulite, and there’s no way to spot train your way out of it in the gym.

Even women who most would consider healthy and thin often suffer from cellulite.

That’s why learning about some of the best essential oils for cellulite and other natural treatments is so important.

Top Essential Oils for Cellulite

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Grapefruit Essential Oil

If you’re looking for natural treatments for cellulite that have some scientific backing, grapefruit oil may meet your criteria.

Research has shown that it is effective for reducing abdominal subcutaneous fat when massaged directly into the skin twice a day.

Participants in one study also received one-hour massages every week using an essential oil mixture that contained grapefruit oil and three other oils.

While reducing the amount of fat resting just below the skin won’t cure all cases of cellulite, it can help for many people.

Cellulite is caused by fat pushing into the skin due to connective fibers that hold the skin to muscle positioned beneath the subcutaneous fat.

The more fat you have between the skin and muscle, the more likely it is to push into the skin and create that dimpled appearance from the surface.

Try mixing grapefruit essential oil with a carrier oil and massaging it directly into your skin. Test it on a small patch of skin first, and then start massaging your cellulite two times each day.

You may also enlist a loved one to give you cellulite massages once a week for maximum impact and some relaxation.

Rosemary Essential Oils for Cellulite

There isn’t much research proving that rosemary essential oil can help combat cellulite, but many women have reported successfully reducing the appearance of their cellulite by applying compresses containing rosemary oil and alcohol.

The alcohol is believed to help the skin absorb the oil better, allowing for more dramatic results.

You can make your own rosemary alcohol treatment at home or purchase treatments with these ingredients so that your treatment is ready to go without preparation.

Another option is to simply use high-quality rosemary essential oil blended with a carrier oil and directly massaged into your skin.

Cedarwood Essential Oils for Cellulite

This is one of the more expensive essential oils on the market today, but it has a rich aroma and a variety of health applications that may allow you to get tremendous benefit from the investment.

It also mixes well with a variety of other oils, so you can use it in homemade blends to help with cellulite and other health problems.

Cedarwood oil is believed to help release fluid building up underneath the skin, which gives your subcutaneous fat more room to spread out without creating that lumpy look to your legs, thighs and other body parts.

You can mix it with a carrier oil and apply it directly to your skin for maximum results.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil is believed to help by eliminating fluid retention and improving blood circulation through the body.

It may also eliminate blockage in the lymphatic system, which can help with cellulite in some cases.

There isn’t much research to prove that this essential oil can beat cellulite, but it has been used successfully by many people and reported anecdotally.

This is also one of the most popular and readily available essential oils, and there are many ways to use it beyond treating your cellulite.

Consider using this one in a blend if you want to treat yourself to an aromatic experience while hopefully getting rid of that dimpled skin.

Buying the Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Quality matters when it comes to essential oils. Pure essential oils are different from oils used for flavoring or as a fragrance in perfume and manufactured bath products.

Those oils don’t offer the full therapeutic benefits that come from essential oils even if they do provide the aroma that you would expect from the natural resource.

This is why sourcing essential oils that have been properly processed for therapeutic use is essential.

Look for essential oil manufacturers that share their processing standards online or through marketing materials.

You will notice that the highest quality oils are often a bit higher in price than others, but it’s not necessarily true that the most expensive oils are always the best.

Learning about how essential oils are processed and some of the common corners that manufacturers cut to save money will help you select the oils with the power to alleviate your cellulite.  

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Did you know that you can use essential oils for cellulite?  It's true and it works surprisingly well for most women.

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