Essential Oils for Anxiety

Essential Oils for Anxiety

No one escapes life without experiencing a little anxiety, but essential oils for anxiety can really help ease the symptoms.

Anxiety is not enjoyable at all.  You feel it when you’re about to walk into the most important job interview of your life, the morning of your wedding day, and while waiting for a loved one to come out of surgery.

The problem is that some people experience anxiety every day of their lives, and many combat the symptoms of anxiety when there is no logical reason for alarm.

When you tell a doctor that you’re experiencing anxiety on a regular basis, they are likely to prescribe medication that they believe will relieve the symptoms.

The problem is that you never learn to control anxiety naturally when you cover it up with medication.

Most of these medications also come with severe side effects that make your life even more uncomfortable.

Top Essential Oils for Anxiety

Essential Oils for Anxiety

If you’re ready to experiment with natural remedies to relieve anxiety without the side effects, consider diffusing essential oils.

You can also use a carrier oil to dilute your essential oils so that it’s safe for use directly on your skin.

The following list will introduce some of the most potent essential oils for anxiety relief.


This is a citrus fruit that looks like a lemon on the inside but is as large as an orange. It has a strong citrus scent that can lift your mood quickly, but studies are also revealing that it has the power to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

It is commonly used in perfumes and cosmetic products, so you may consider using it in a homemade lotion that you can apply when you feel an anxiety attack approaching.


This is one of the most popular essential oils, and many people grow lavender plants so that they can bring the blooms indoors to inhale the natural scent. Studies are showing that the oil extracted from those flowers can also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It’s important to note that many studies administer lavender pills while others test the impact of diffused oil that is inhaled.

Many perfumes and bath products are based on this plant, and you can even use it in the kitchen when cooking meals.


If you’ve ever sliced open a lemon and felt a momentary surge of happiness, you may not be surprised to see lemon essential oil on this list of anxiety-relieving oils.

This is one of the most potent citrus smells, and it is commonly used in household cleaning products because it evokes a sense of joy and freshness.

Studies have also shown that it can help overcome the sensation of stress, which may help you control your anxiety.


Whether it’s referred to as “sweet orange” or simply “orange,” this essential oil is extracted from ordinary orangs that you may have in your kitchen right now.

This fruit has a naturally uplifting scent that can bring a smile to your face when you slice it open or bite into the fruit.

There are some studies that have proven it may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety during tense moments, so you may want to keep it in a roller bottle so that you can apply it to your wrist when you start to feel anxious.


There haven’t been many scientific studies conducted on humans to explore the potential benefits of inhaling oil extracted from roses, but the evidence that does exist has shown that the rose scent has a relaxing impact on the brain.

This is a good essential oil to use if you want to create shampoos, conditioners, lotions or perfumes that can help you overcome anxiety.

The scent may also help you relieve symptoms of depression and improve your response to stress in daily life.

Getting Started with Essential Oils for Anxiety

The easiest way to take advantage of essential oils for anxiety is to heat them in an oil burner or place drops inside a diffuser.

You may also want to take your favorite oil with you by placing it in an oil necklace that allows you to smell whenever you start to feel anxiety coming on.

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